Because I do not like the hair falling on the floor, I introduced a robotic vacuum cleaner "eufy" that can be bought at the 20,000 yen level!

Hello! I'm trying to minimize the time I spend doing housework to spend time on things I like.

・ We do not cook → →
・ Laundry → coin laundry

I was able to save time in a good way, but cleaning was still unexplored. The only thing I like in housework is cleaning. Lol

However, I thought it would be hard to do quick le wipes every day, but with the Amazon Prime saleRobot vacuum cleaner "eufy RovoVac 11" which is super cospaBecause it was cheaper to buy!

In practice, this isHighly recommended for beginners of robot vacuum cleanersI thought it was so I will review it.

With robot vacuum cleaner "Eufy RoboVac 11"

I purchased this time on AmazonRobot vacuum cleaner "eufy RovoVac 11"

・ As Anker puts out, it is safe
・ It is cheap anyway (¥ 22,800) Cospa best!
・ Simple and lean design

The deciding factor for my purchase is mainly for these three reasons.

Famous for robot vacuum cleanerRoomba isLowest price modelBut I will close to 40,000.I felt that the price of 20,000 yen is quite attractive. It is a price that is easy for robot vacuum cleaner beginners to put out their hands.

After that, I was attracted to this simple and lean design because I felt that the design of Roomba was pretty mechanical and hard.

Try opening the Eufy RoboVac 11

It arrived in the cardboard of eufy instead of the cardboard of Amazon. I am excited about cardboard with a sense of fashionable home appliances.

It is such a feeling when arranging all the main body and accessories.

<Packing contents>
RoboVac 11, dedicated remote control (AA batteries required ※ sold separately), charging station, AC adapter, cleaning tools, high-performance filter, side brush (x 4), instruction manual, 18 months warranty, customer support

There was no problem because the instruction manual was written in Japanese.

Round appearance is cute appearance

The appearance of eufy RoboVac 11 is a simple design that suits any room. The sleek surface of the tempered glass cover is elegant.

The color is white and black, but I bought white because my room is white.

The height is only 7.8 cm, so it can be buried under the bed or sofa, which is hard to clean easily. It is about 1/3 height of 500m plastic bottle.

Easy setup in 2 steps

Even if I'm not good at reading the machine manual, I was able to set up quite smoothly. Very easy with only 2 steps!

STEP 1: Turn over RoboVac and attach two side brushes.

STEP 2: Connect the charging station to the outlet.

There is eufy RoboVac 11 set. Charging is turned on.

I used eufy RoboVac 11 in my room

I actually used eufy RoboVac 11 in my room.

Automatically detect the size of the room,Automatic mode that cleans automaticallyWas very convenient.

It will clean up to every corner!

It rotates around the wall and corners and cleans every corner. It is pretty that it is turning desperately.

2 High accuracy to avoid steps and obstacles

It will clean up by avoiding steps and luggage properly. Because the vacuum cleaner has a bumper, anything in the room will not be damaged at all.

Even if you open the window and clean it, the sensor will not notice the steps and fall onto the veranda. At first I was looking at it as if it would fall, but I don't worry because the accuracy is so good.

3 Not super-quiet

It is not super silent. It's likely to get up when I'm sleeping while I'm sleeping, but I don't care if I'm doing it while I'm working.

But I plan to use a timer to clean up while I am out, so for me the sound is a good point.

4 will automatically turn to the charger

When used in Auto mode, it will automatically return to the charging station when cleaning is complete. It is too cute.

I tried taking a video to make it easy to understand!

Result of cleaning for 30 minutes in auto mode

When the cleaning is over, open the dust box ...I can get a lot of trash! ! !

I think it was quite dirty because I was cleaning the bed bottom only once every two weeks. It's a bit scary to think that you slept on this.

It's really helpful to clean the bottom of the bed so hard to clean so much! Thank you!

You can operate even with the included remote control

eufy RoboVac 11 can also be operated with the included remote control. I tried to pick up three buttons that I mainly used.

1Auto mode ... You can start cleaning without pressing the main unit
2 Return to charging station ... Press to return to charging station
3 Cleaning reservation mode ... It is a timer function. You can set the time you like and set it to clean automatically.

3 In the cleaning reservation mode,If you set it up while you're in the office, you will be able to go home every day beautifully and QOL will burstis…!

Summary of eufy RoboVac 11

▼ good point

-Cheap and anyway cospa is good!
-It looks simple! Not too good
-It will clean up every corner.
-High accuracy to avoid steps and obstacles
-Start cleaning automatically → will return to the charging station

▼ I became interested

-You have to clean up the cables
-Not super silent

As with any vacuum cleaner, it's easy to get tangled with chargers and earphones, so clean up the cables.

Even if you actually use it,This performance is really the strongest at COSPAI think.

Now that the cleaning time is spent on other things, it is happy to spend in a clean room every day!

I would buy a robot vacuum cleaner ... But rumba high ... If you are lost, I recommend it to buy as the first oneis!

Amazon | Eufy RoboVac 11 (Robot Vacuum Cleaner) [Silent & Powerful Suction / Four Cleaning Modes / Automatic Charging / Remote Control & Charging Station Included] (White) | eufy |



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