I'd like to recommend it because it was good to use Beehany 's Overwinter Cream 1 year

From now on, the skin becomes dry in winter! Do you take measures for everybody? ?

I have a dry skin that will soon become dull without moisturizing, so it is moisturizing regardless of the season! Drying is a great enemy.

We will introduce the super recommended cream that we have been using for one year from last year about the winter production soon!

Recommended points
Anyway, the smell is good! Honey aroma sweet potato
・ Because there is no stickiness, it gets wet on the face
・ Even a small amount is moist

Bee honey overwintering cream

To introduceBee honey overwintering cream (100g · 1899 yen)

I don't sell much at the drug store, so I'm buying at Amazon. There is also a lip balm for carrying around, but I buy 100g for home use. The size is about the size of the hand.

Compared to ¥ 461 for Nilea's blue can, which is famous for moisturizing cream, it is ¥ 461.100g · 1899 yenWhenThe amount is small and the price is also a high price setting for moisturizing cream.

Nivea has quite good cospa,Stickiness and unique smell are not good for personal use

Bee honey overwintering cream is expensive, but I would like to introduce it because it is so good.

Overwintering cream has a nice smell anyway

Anyway, the smell is good! Honey aroma sweet potato

Here is the best point, butAnyway, the smell of honey is good!

Last year blogger friendsKurihara (@ kurit3)I used it, and I bought it without forgetting its aroma.

At the moment of hand-painted, the gentle scent of honey spreads and makes you feel happy at once.

Even people who are not good at perfumes and other harsh aromas will probably like it because it is soft if it is the smell of wintering cream.

It is a pity that I can not convey the smell on my blog, but please let me know if you want to use it. Lol

・ There is no stickiness

I think that there is a certain level of stickiness to moisturize, but wintering cream is almost not sticky!

It is easy to use as it can be painted and stretched.

・ Even a small amount is moist

Because it is moist even in a small amount, I am glad that it is not early to lose unexpectedly.

As it is 100g approximately 2,000 yen, we use only for important points including face and hands!
In the bodyNivea Marshmallow Care Body MousseBecause I am using it, I also want to make a blog separately as this is also recommended.

You will be pleased with the present

As the name suggests, the moisturizing cream is perfect for "above winter". Last year I spent with this cream, so it wasn't a shame.

The other day I gave a present to my mother, but I was quite pleased. Also recommended for people who have a lot of water work, people who cook!

Click here to buy from Amazon

Bee Honey Overwintering Cream 100g



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