I tried Amazon Echo Spot for one month. Introduce the functions you really use in order of frequency!

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The other day with media called hintosAmazon's smart speaker with screen "Echo Spot"I wrote an article of.

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It's so different if it's with a screen! Experience the new smart speaker Amazon Echo Spot - hintos

Since I actually used it for a month after review, this time,Review the "functions that you truly use" that you can understand by actually using it in order of frequencyI will like to try.

It would be great if you could refer to those who are concerned about Echo Spot, those who are worried about purchasing.

Functions used almost every day

· "Alexa, Over Music" (Music Function)

Speaking of the function of Echo Spot that I always use everyday, I think that it is only this "playing music" function.

only this? Although it may be thought that it is working in the daytime on weekdays it is not in the room so it has less time to use.

You can play music randomly just by talking to, such as "Try a quiet song", "RIP SLIME over", "Make the right music in the morning".

It is a function that can be used even with smart speakers without screen, but after all this feature is convenient and innocent.

· "Alexa, wake up at 6:30 tomorrow" (alarm function)

I use Echo Spot as a sub alarm. Because it is scary of late sleeping only with the iPhone, it is an image that is used for insurance prejudice.

However, once set it will tell you at a fixed time every day so it may not be able to count on the features you use everyday ...?

Functions used 1 to 3 times a week

· "Aleksa, what's the weather today?" (Weather forecast function)

This is a function you often use on weekdays. While doing the morning dressing, ask Echo Spot on the desk "Aleksa, what's the weather today?"

It reflects the weather on the screen, it is very helpful because it speaks minimum / maximum temperature / weekly weather. Personally, I think that it would be better if we had another weather by time.

· "Alexa, what's today's news?" (Today's news function)

At first it was unusual for news to appear on the screen and I was actively using it, but recently it has ceased to be used like that.

It picks up today's NHK news and tells it, but it is a disadvantage that it is picked up and there are only about 5 news unknown.

Those who drooped Abema News came back to Abema after all because we received a lot of information of various genres.

· "Alexa, 30 minutes timer set" (timer function)

I often use the timer function on Saturdays and Sundays. As a reminder timer when turning the washing machine, as an alarm when you want to take a nap ...

Rather than setting the timer by touching the iPhone, it's pretty easy to set up with "Alexa, 30 minutes timer set" alone!

Functions used for Month 1 to 2

· "Alexa, order ◯◯" (shopping function)

Since you can order Amazon from Echo spot, I will talk to you in a few days and order. After all the products are projected on the screen leads to a sense of security.

However, it seems to be better to keep only the ones you ordered that have history you have ordered so far. We recommend you to ask the PC or smartphone from the first time to compare the reviews etc carefully over time.

Actually I ordered water with Echo spot and I will put a comparison video of when I failed and succeeded!

Timing is quite important as the order content changes at the timing of "it". Lol

Functions rarely used

Most of the functions other than those described above are not used.

Radio · Janken confrontation · Karaoke and studying English, etc. are really more fun to master, but there is no time to use anything ... lol

What I found after using it for 1 month

What I found out after using for a month,Frequently used functions can be used with smart speakers without screenThat. Lol

However, there is still a lot of merit because there is a screen, news · weather is easy to understand, Amazon's order can be made with peace of mind. Is not it a feeling that the big doubles as a small?

If there are people who think that "I'd buy a smart speaker" now, I think that Echo Spot with screen is a good choice.

▼ 【9/19 23: 59】 When I bought two Echo Spots, I was doing a 6,000 yen OFF campaign.

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