A chocolate shop from an engineer. If you have a slightly different Valentine, how about DANDELION CHOCOLATE in Kuramae?

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Suddenly, do you have a “memorable place”? The "unforgettable place" for me is San Francisco, where I lived only six months as a student. I still have my room in Tokyo with oil paintings of the San Francisco skyline I bought at the market.

Offices of major startups such as Uber and Twitter are dotted with many young entrepreneurs.

There were places other than IT, such as coffee shops called Third Wave Coffee such as Blue Bottle Coffee and supermarkets that only have organic products, so I went to various places everyday and touched a different culture from Japan. Was.

Among them, what is particularly memorable DANDELION CHOCOLATE Chocolate shop.

At first glance it looks like a normal chocolate shop, but if you look closely, you will find a large shop in the back. It is not just popular because it is delicious, How to make a completely new chocolate that uses no dairy products It is topic.

What's more, the chocolate shop was created by former engineers who have nothing to do with food. I remember that Stanford graduates who started a web company heard of a store that started in the garage to make innovative chocolates, and went to the San Francisco headquarters with excitement.

This article is recommended if you want to learn about DANDELION CHOCOLATE's commitment to chocolate and its founding story.

[Kuramae] Dandelion Chocolate-Growing the long-loved "Bean to Bar Chocolate" brand

Actually, this store has also entered Japan. I hadn't been able to go all the time, but since Valentine is near, I came to a cafe in Kuramae!

A 5-minute walk from Kuramae Station

I got off at Kuramae Station for the first time, but I felt nostalgic because it resembled the place where I lived when I was a college student.

After walking about 5 minutes from Kuramae Station, you can see the word DANDELION CHOCOLATE beside the park. I went around 16:00, but still waited 3-4 pairs. According to Google Map, around 15:00 is like a peak of congestion.

On this day, Valentine gifts were also sold at stores because Valentine was near. Chocolate bar (plate chocolate) starts from 1,400 yen. The price is reasonable as we handle "good things in small quantities".

"SMALL-BATCH" in the name of the shop also means small production. Confidence in making each chocolate with particular attention is transmitted.

We thought that we were given a menu outside and waited quite a bit, but we put it in about 5 minutes. There is even a chocolate gift inside. There was also a hot chocolate mix and a collaboration product with a Valentine-only Japanese sweets shop.

By the way online shop It can be purchased from, but it will take some time before it arrives because there are many reservation sales.

Behind the cash register is the Chocolate Factory

DANDELION CHOCOLATE is a style that you order at a cash register and take it to your seat.
The menu is like this with drink (left) and food (right).

There is a sample food menu next to the cashier, so it's easier to see this than the English menu.

Because it is a great deal, Kuramae original limited to 30 meals a day Kuramae Chef's Tasting I asked for.

Behind the cash register is a chocolate workshop. Here, it is said that not only chocolates to be made at the shops are made, but also new products are developed, workshops and workshop tours are being held. The San Francisco head office also had a workshop behind the cash register.


Spacious cafe space

The first floor is a studio and shop, so the cafe space is on the second floor.

The cafe space was too large and it was fashionable and surprised. Furniture based on wood and pendant lights.

The space between the seats was relaxed so that you could calm down and eat chocolate.


Dream chocolate festival.

By the way, this time we had everything we wanted to eat, so we wouldn't have a chance to come to Kuramae!

First of all you can not remove "Smore" 450 yen

The best sweets with chocolates all over the marshmallow.
I did not forget the shocking taste and sweetness of eating in the United States.

It is best if you cut it crispy with a fork and knife and eat it with the bottom cookie dough. As you can see in the picture, the chocolate is really rich. It's pretty good, so it's best to eat one for two.

And the drink "House Mocha" 630 yen

I ordered something that was not too sweet for the clerk to taste the chocolate because it was sweet, and he recommended this.

You will be the best "House hot chocolate" 580 yen I tried drinking and compared, but "House Mocha" was less sweet because of coffee.

Next, I would like to have a drink of Japanese original roasted tea and chocolate.


Kuramae-limited, Kuramae Chef's Tasting

And the last waited long Kuramae Chef's Tasting 1,450 yen

Five kinds of small sweets are listed, each with the name of the sweet and the locality of the cocoa beans used.

I was told, "Please eat from the right." Sweets usually eat sweets later on, right?

So it wasn't so if I thought it would get sweeter. From the conclusion, sweet and refreshing alternate.

The mouth will get tired if it's just sweet, so it seems that the order is made carefully. If you review one by one from the right, it looks like this.

[Chocolate cannula]
The moist and heavy sweetness.

【Pistachio creme brulee】
The sweetness that makes the pistachio and chocolate underneath round and happy.

[Citron tart]
Super refreshing tart! Citrus-based citron will give you a nice touch.

It looks like cream puff. This is sweet with chocolate cream sandwiched.

[Fruit and chocolate jelly]
The tightening was refreshing jelly jelly. It contains berry sauce and chocolate, but I was able to finish it with a happy feeling because it was not sweet. Lol

I enjoyed 5 kinds of cacao beans little by little and I was able to recommend them while I was excited.

May I go to Valentine

High quality chocolates such as Godiva and Morozov are also good gifts, but I thought it would be nice to date two people to a shop where the story made like DANDELION is interesting.

Even if you don't have time to go to the store, it might be a good idea to buy only gifts such as chocolate bars.

About Dandelion Chocolate Factory & Cafe Kuramae

Street address 4-14-6 Kuramae, Taito-ku, Tokyo

3 minutes walk from Kuramae Station on the Toei Asakusa Line
7 minutes walk from Kuramae Station on the Toei Oedo Line

business hours 10: 00-20: 00 (LO19: 30)
phone number 03-5833-7270


Then a lovely Valentine!




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