Physiological day prediction application Cube which does not make "physiology" feel charged super recommendation

I charged the free application after a long absence.

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Are you using any menstrual period anticipation application? I think that many people use it because it is basic free, but ,,,


ぴ, Pink icon too much! ! !
The mark of the moon is over too! ! !

Absolutely physiological! With the design, I did not like it much. Is it embarrassing to put it in the home screen?

When I looked into another good application, I found a super simple and stylish physiological day prediction application called "Cube" so I will introduce it!

I bought free application for the first time in a while after it was easy to use.

See you today. Hiro Rippari, Tango!


What is the physiological day prediction application "Cube"

app name Cube
Correspondence iOS only
Contents Physiological record, physiological day prediction
price free
Accounting element Premium function (remind me of physiology start, ovulation day, PMS)
Developer Flask LLP


The physiological day prediction application "Cube" Three features

⑴ "Stylish design that does not look like" physiology application "

First of all, Cube's biggest feature is design that makes you feel "physiology"!
Since color usage is simple, it is a design like a glancing game, so you can open it without worrying in public or train.

If you dislike being too simple, you can dress in various themes once you charge.

Chicks theme only for free version can be changed. You can also change the application icon according to the theme.


⑵ Entry and display are transcendent simple!

Just as I'm singing "the simplest menstrual period management application", it is a design that is truly intuitive and easy to understand.

Just input two items, "menstrual day" and "period during which menstruation lasts".


On the home screenA few more days to the next menstruation, Cute Cube members have counted down.
In this case, it means "Menstruation comes 3 days later!"


The simplicity of the home screen is obvious at all compared to the home screen (↓) of other menstrual day prediction application.

It is safe because it has functions such as "display ovulation day period" and "calendar display" properly.


⑶ Login not required! It can be used immediately after DL.

Cube has no troublesome registration such as login, you can start using it immediately after downloading.

For most menstrual prediction date applications, there is always an account registration, questionnaire etc. after the application DL. This is useful as a function to optimize the app for that person, but many people think that it is annoying.

People who do not want pregnancy think that Cube is enough to do!


I billed the Cube

I was accustomed to ease of use and accidentally charged.
By what monthly price you can use the paid version for a long time once paying 360 yen.

The two functions that you can charge when you charge!

  1. Menstruation start date, ovulation day, PMS etcNotification by push notification
  2. 13 themes and theme-specific icon change

It is very convenient because you can customize push notifications yourself.


Download Cube from here

Downloading the simple physiological day prediction application "Cube" introduced this timeHere
Please try using it (^ ω ^)



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