[I want to go with a couple] 3 fashionable shops in Tokyo that can buy gifts for each other!

This weekend is Christmas! What are your plans for everyone?

Since I went to the red brick warehouse in Yokohama last year "Let's keep Christmas quiet at home in Tokyo..." I decided with my heart.

I don't want to go to places with lots of people, such as illuminations... I want to go buy some Christmas presents...! I wonder if there are many people.

For those people,

A shop that I have visited where you can find fashionable unisex items

...That is "I want a couple to go together! A select shop in Tokyo where you can buy recommended gifts for each other" Here are 3 carefully selected items!

It's a shop that we can recommend with confidence to people in their late 20s to 30s.

①TENERITA@Tokyo Midtown

TENERITA is committed to high-quality manufacturing. It is a store of lifestyle miscellaneous goods using organic cotton that has obtained international certification!

Recommended reason "Good quality necessities" Where there are

It's not a luxury item, but you'll find items that you will definitely use in your life, so even if you have one now, it will be "I want it because it's better than it is now (I want to buy it!)."

It's something I use every day, so it shouldn't be like "I didn't need it~" even after I bought it. Lol

There are lots of unisex items such as Imabari towels and pile bathrobes, so it's fun just to visit the store as a couple.

If I were Super sweet twist face towel And 80/2 Tenjiku Jersey Pajamas I think it would be great if you could receive it.



THE SHOP is a collection of items that can be called "THE" in various genres.

Recommended points "Only carefully selected items are sold" By the way.

For example, this is in a toothbrush! This in the hoodie! With that feeling, one item with a high evaluation in the genre is selected.

I'm wondering if I'm looking for a present, "Is this really okay?" You can select from high quality items that have already been selected, so it will save you a lot of time It seems to be.

There are various variations such as kitchen miscellaneous goods, beauty items, fashion items such as hoodies and bags. And the designs are all cool, so you don't have to be confident in your taste.

For me, the package is a cute liquid toothpaste THE MOUTHWASH .. I'm really happy if I get this kind of thing I don't usually buy.

③ THE CONRAN SHOP @ Marunouchi Building

Quote: Conran Shop Marunouchi Store-Marunouchi [Tab Room]

Home furnishing shop "THE CONRAN SHOP" of furniture and interior from London

Recommendation is "Fashionable items carefully selected from all over the world" There are lots of items.

There are a lot of overseas items that are not sold at other select shops, and the spacious interior is simply stylish.

Sofas and tables are expensive and hard to find, but in fact there are plenty of overseas body care products, aroma products and small leather goods that are perfect as gifts.

I also bought the Aer backpack that I bought this year.
2018 Best Buy Candidate! I bought an "Aer" backpack from San Francisco. | Reward

For a present Gift set There are a lot of different types, so even if you haven't decided what you want, something will surely dazzle you!

HENDER SCHEME card case And Room fragrance Want to buy together. (I want you to buy it)

Select shops are fun

A select shop that makes you excited just by going.

The shops introduced this time are full of items that both men and women can enjoy, so I think they are perfect for dates.

Give it a try at Christmas or at the end of the year, and buy something good for yourself and your partner!

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When I write articles about Christmas presents like this, people say, "I want to appeal?"

I don't know about everyone, but I want a Christmas present. | Reward

I wish I could buy a good Christmas gift!



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