Birthday dinner at Minami Aoyama CICADA. Atmosphere, cooking, and all customer service are perfect!

The other day, when I made a tweet like this, I got likes from men and women.

Do all the women like and sympathize with you? I am selfishly thinking. Lol

I had his birthday for four years the other day, so I had a birthday dinner at a fashionable shop that I always wanted to visit.

I think there are many people who know this because it is a well-known store, but the "atmosphere", "cooking", and "service" were all too good, so I definitely want other men to use it for dates (laughs) I'll blog it.

CICADA in Minamiaoyama

This time, I went to a shop called "CICADA" in Minamiaoyama. It is a Mediterranean restaurant at the back of the terrace cafe crisscross that I blogged before.

Morning at the terrace seat cafe crisscross in Shibuya! | Reward 

The terrace seat in the foreground is crisscross, and the back of the large glass door is CICADA.

Both TYSONS & COMPANY The company runs it, and all the lines here are fashionable, so if you get lost in a date, please check the website!

Just tell your name at the reception and they will keep all your coats and luggage for you. The lighting in the shop is dark and the atmosphere is excellent.

There was a bar counter in the back, and there was a particularly mature atmosphere.

There are various types of seats such as table seats, terrace seats, counter seats. I want to sit here at all! I had a seat, so I made a reservation in advance.

A counter with terrace seats is recommended for dates

I booked the terrace seats in this courtyard ... the counter seats!

I was at a loss because the atmosphere on the terrace was so good, but it was midwinter in January, so I chose this seat so that I could relax in the shop. There are only couples around.

A wide counter seat where the depth of the table and the distance from the customer next door are quite spacious.

It was the best location where you can eat while watching the glittering illuminations in the courtyard, which made me think "It was really nice to have this seat!"

There are 20 types of glass wine!

And CICADA which is irresistible to wine lovers. There are 20 types of glass wine alone. (There are more bottles of wine!)

There were a lot of Israeli wines on the menu, mainly in Jarden, so I asked Mr. Waiter that "I recommend Israel wines ~". Yarden, it sure is delicious.

When asked about the recommendations, he suggested a white wine called "VIOGNIER" in France, saying "It has a low alcohol content and a fruity scent." This was so easy to drink!

The waiter's knowledge that suggested me from the taste of the wine I usually drink and responded anyway was amazing ...

Waiter who knows everything is God

The menu of the meal is Mediterranean, so tapas are the main ingredients.

The menu was like this, and I didn't know what was written, such as "Pill," "Chorizo," "Musaka" ...

but it's okay! Waiter suggests about three things when you say what you feel or what you want to eat.

It's a very good way to explain it, and it's an appetizing saying, "It's a crab wrapped in bread crumbs and fried in a spicy fluffy way ...".

No matter what I heard, I was so happy that I wanted to go to CICADA again to meet the male waiter who kindly returned.

Delicious Mediterranean food without complaint

Not only the customer service but also the food is great.

▽ Jamon Serrano ... A meaty ham, the more you chew it, the more you taste.

▽ Sautéed spinach with currants and pine nuts ... Good scent of garlic!

▽ Moroccan style spicy crab cake ... What the clerk explained deliciously! Spicy croquette with crab! This was delicious.

▽ Scallop roast, Faro and Maitake mushroom cream risotto ... Main seafood dish! Scallop Puri Puri ~. The cream risotto is also below so it was a perfect dish.

A delicious dessert, a treat.

There are 8 different dessert menus.

I was a bit confused about the pistachio creme brulee, tiramisu, chocolate gelato, etc ... but I chose "vanilla panna cotta, pear compote".

It was quite full, but it was too delicious and I ate up immediately. I wanted to eat another dessert. Lol

Next time I want to drink wine on the terrace

CICADA knew that the atmosphere was absolutely good at the eating log stage. The hospitality and food were good, and it was a good place that exceeded expectations. I highly recommend it for a date!

And there was a photo I took before, but the terrace seats during the day are also nice ...

When it gets warm, I would like to come to drink Israeli wine on this terrace.

A series of stylish cafes. This is also the best

Morning at the terrace seat cafe crisscross in Shibuya! | Reward 



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