Chat novelty app Summary 3 choices! Ballon, HOOKED, TELLER Comparison

What is a chat novel application?

Chat novel application is an application that, as its name, "chat type novel" can be read by smartphone. It is a novel of a new sense that the story goes on as if peering into other people's LINE and mail!

It's getting popular from America, and even in Japan, the app is getting more and more! Three representative examples of applications that can be read in Japanese this time "Ballon" "HOOKED" "TELLERIntroduction!

Every application can be read one by one with a tap, so it's perfect for a little killing time!

~table of contents~

1. Chat novel application 3 selection
  ⑴ "Balloon"
  ⑵ "HOOKED"
  ⑶ "TELLER"

2. Chat novel application Features / Differences Summary

3. Summary

Chat novel application 3 selection

Chat novel application ① "Balloon"

Balloon - Updated every day! New feeling chat novel to tap

Speaking of Japanese chat novels app is "Balloon".
It was just released in July 2017 and it was talked about in SNS!

As a feature of this application is "serial".
In the chat novels application, one episode is usually completed, but in Balloon it is a serial series!

Other novel applications are just a series of stories, but Balloon is divided by each day of the week, so they are arranged in order of popularity so you do not get lost!

Conversely speaking, since serialization is not updated once a week, I am concerned about continuation.
Such a person seems to be able to read works unlimitedly when becoming a premium member.

Chat novel application ② "HOOKED"

HOOKED-Chat Stories

The origin of the chat novels application, "HOOKED" from America!
It appeared suddenly in the US App Store around March 2017 and had kept the top place all the time, so it was talked about "What is this app !?"

At that time I was interested and investigated variously, but it seems that "Story quality" is high and I feel unintentional. I also seem to be tied up with Hollywood producers.

The story which corresponds to Japanese is increasing little by little.
Not only horror, there are various genres such as drama, SF, etc.

Also, as a feature not found in other applications, you can make chat novels by multiple people with friends. But it seems more difficult to make chat novel by multiple people than making it alone (laugh)

Chat novel application ③ "TELLER


TELLER of the catch phrase "shivering after 2 minutes".
It is a chat novel application specialized in horror with a design similar to HOOKED.

I finished reading in 2 minutes, and a lot of terrifying novels are on it.

Because it is an app from Japan? (?) LINE looks like a chat screen. I move from group line to another group line, so there is no hesitation of peeping presence.

This application is unique to anyone who can post stories from the + button on the top right of the app! (There is an examination of operation on ※ posting)

Chat novel application Features / Differences Summary

app name Characteristic Genre Accounting Recruitment of writers
Balloon Series Story Youth, drama, suspense, etc.

【About premium members】 You will be able to read works unlimitedly.

[Period and price]
· One week plan 250 yen (tax included)
· 1 month plan 800 yen (tax included)
· 1 year plan 7200 yen (tax included)

Entry system by e-mail
HOOKED The high quality of the novel

Love, SF, Horror, etc.

You can subscribe to all stories catalogs and unlimited access to premium content.  
· Every week 2.99 dollars (about 330 yen)
· $ 7.99 per month (880 yen for winning combination)
· $ 39.99 each year (about 4400 yen)

It is possible to log in.
TELLER Design like LINE Horror As of July 2017 None Anyone can contribute. However, checking of the operation enters


How about three chat novel applications?
I use it properly to say "Balloon" if it is a romance novel, or "TELLER" if it is a horror novel.

Ten years ago as a mobile novel was a big boom, the era of chat novels in the future may come true in smartphone!



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