【Shinjuku / Power / Wi-fi Cafe】 All seats power seat! High-speed Wi-Fi! God Cafe "caffice"

Hello! Happy cafe Nomado this week ( @ pirori 3182 )is.

I decided to go to the cafe that can use the power supply · Wi - Fi of Shinjuku which I was flowing on Twitter the other day!

Shinjuku is trying not to go as much as possible because crowds are not good, but the "caffice" I went this time isConvenience convenience directly to the station! A well-catered cafe where you can reach without crowdswas.

Caffice directly linked to Shinjuku Sanchome Station

The name of the cafe I visited this time is "caffice
It is in a building directly connected from the E6 exit of Shinjuku Sanchome Station.

Go up the escalator and go up to the second floor, a stylish cafe with glass! Business hours can be used from 10: 00-23: 00 and from morning till night.

People working behind · Talking people in front

I arrived before noon on Sunday, but the seat was half full.In the back seat, there are many people who work by myself alone, and the seat is almost filled.

IncidentallyAt around 15 o'clock, there was a queue waiting for vacancies outside the shop.

There were a lot of people talking with the group on the entrance side, it was a bit noisy.

Just because the side seats are full of relaxing sofa seats, people who want to work calmly do seem to be good even here.

Since the back seat was buried quite well, I worked on the front side, but I was able to concentrate around the point where a person's voice was a little bit and I could write a grinding blog. Lol

God the full power is equipped

Regardless of the characteristics of caffice hereAll the seats are equipped with power! And fast Wi-Fi!It was truly easy to work and thank you!

I do not have to ask the clerk, "I'd like the seat where the power can be used, but if you sit down in the vacant seat, it is OK.

It is not easy for such a cafe to correspond to such a god in Shinjuku.

There are lunches that can be eaten at about 1,000 yen

If you come to caffice,Lunch time of 10: 00 ~ 14: 00 is recommended! Soft drinks can be set in 300 yen discount.

If you order drinks separately, it is slightly more expensive than 800 yen. It's a good location and it's a reasonable price as it's a Shinjuku ...

·Taco rice
· Kanazawa Katakure
· Kanazawa Homme Curry

Everything for the lunch menu was from 1,000 yen to 1,300 yen, which I could only ask for. For some reason Kanazawa-san's this shop.

I ate omo curry, but there is quite a volume and I am hungry soon. It is nice to have a cafe with such rice-related menu!

Basic information on caffice

As power and Wi - Fi are perfect as we see, I think that it is a perfect cafe for Nomad.

In the case of full occupancy there is also a 2 hour time limit, so we recommend you come early in the morning!

Store name
Power supply
All seats available!
There is high-speed free Wi-Fi!
business hours
Street address

Shinjuku 4-2-23 Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo Shinmyu 4th curumu building 2nd floor

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