【Power supply in Shibuya / Wi-fi cafe】 Can work quietly in Shibuya "cafe 1886 at Bosch

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Even if I woke up early on the weekend and thought, "Let's work early in the cafe!"

Today, when I woke up at 9 o'clock and was slowly preparing while watching tiktok, the time to leave the house was nearly 11 o'clock.
Addictive and disgusting of tiktok. Lol

There are many places in Tokyo where you can not sit without having a seat in the morning, especially at the main station cafes. During that time, I found a cafe that is relatively open and quiet, even on weekends, in Shibuya, the Cafe Battlefield!

Cafe 1886 at Bosch located on Shibuya station Hikarie side

The name of the cafe is " cafe 1886 at Bosch "
It is a 5-minute walk from Exit 16b on the Shibuya Station Hikarie side.

"Bosch" seems to be a German-based manufacturer of automotive parts and power tools, founded in 1886!

We are convinced if it is cafe1886 because it was founded in 1886.

There were auto parts and tools in places of the cafe so that the history and corporate philosophy could be felt.

Reason that is open even in weekend Shibuya

please look.
High ceilings, large windows, and this space!

・ Work desk for work alone
-A spacious sofa seat that can be used by 1 to 4 people
・ A round table that can be chatted by 4 people
It is also nice that there is a variation of the seat for each purpose such as.

The time when I took this picture is around 11:30, but it's quite open.

Since it is open at 11:00 on Saturdays and Sundays, it's okay if you wake up slowly!

1Open time zone is as late as 11:00
2 Being in the office area which walked a little from Shibuya hikarie side

I think that these two are the reason for being vacant even in Shibuya of the weekend. At 14 to 15 o'clock, about 90% of the seats were filled.

The number of power supplies is quite large! Wi-Fi is also ant

Where the number of power supplies is abundant, it is a nice point for nomads!
More than half of the seats may be near the outlet.

Counter seats are powered one by one next to the lamps. It looks good when you want to concentrate.

And there are two outlets on the side of the seat where I sat!

The seating on the sofa and the conditions by the window are too matched, so it's a pretty favorite place. There were a lot of people around me, such as people who were working with books, people who were reading books, and people who were talking, but it was a noisy place and comfortable.

There are also snacks such as sandwiches and desserts

On Saturdays and Sundays we do not have morning lunch, but sandwiches, desserts, drinks etc can be ordered.

Coffee comes in two flavors: bitter and fruity.

And the payment was able to use electronic money. The best!

Baum Kuchen Brulee too delicious

Because I stayed for a long time this time, I wanted to eat alone and ate lunch and dessert. Lol

I feel happy that the sandwich bread is delicious.

And here is the most delicious baumkuchen burle with vanilla ice cream (650 yen)
I think that it is unbearable for creme brulee enthusiasts to feel a sense of gritty on the surface.
The compatibility with vanilla ice mango sauce was also outstanding and I was happy all the while eating.

It's really a good place to want to keep secret, but if you come to Shibuya, please go by all means!

Basic information on cafe1886 at Bosch

Store name
Power supply
I think that it is 50% of the seats in the store
There is free Wi-Fi
business hours
Monday-Friday: 8:30-21:00
Saturday / Sunday / Holiday: 11:00-20:00
Street address
Tokyo Shibuya-ku 3-6-7 Shibuya



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