【Kayabacho · Power / WiFi Cafe】 CAFE SALVADOR directly connected to the station is quiet and recommended!

Hello! Cafe work I love you, Hiroiri.

I usually go out as a business, but when I went to Kayabacho the other day I found a nice nomadic cafe.

It is a place that is close to Nihonbashi and Hatchobori, Mizumi Miyaebashi station so it is a highly recommended cafe for those who wish to work around there.

CAFE SALVEDOR directly connected to Kayabacho Station

Direct connection to Kayabacho Exit 8, "CAFE SALVADOR" located on 1F as you climb the stairs.

Examining "Kayabacho Power Cafe", only the chain store came out, but the company's senior taught us the cafe.

Because I visited around 16 o'clock on weekdays, there were few people and it was pretty quiet.

The number of power supplies is plentiful. Wi-Fi is △

As soon as I got in, the power supplies that are equipped in the counter seat. I would really appreciate it if it is from an opening business ...

I sat on the counter seat facing the road and worked, but the power supply is perfect. Wi-Fi used a thing of Free, but it takes quite a while to connect and it will not connect ...

Maybe I was wrong, so it might be connected if I do it properly. I could not wait, I spent my time designing with iPhone.

In the back is a time-lending business salon

I thought that it was quite a spacious cafe, but the other person was a time-lending business salon!

It is possible to go there and use only for the necessary time,Reserve from the net in advanceIt is also possible to do.

With a free drink 300 yen for 30 minutes Is not it cheap! What? Of course, Wi-Fi and power supply are attached, and I thought it would be nice for those who want to work calmly.

Unlike the ordinary cafe I used, the seat feels a little rich such as the sofa seat. There were various people who were meeting at several people, people who were silent working alone.

Enhanced drink / food menu

I used a cafe in front rather than a business salon. The drink menu · food menu looks like this.

Coffee is from 380 yen. Not only sandwiches, it is also a pleasing point to have a rice menu.

I ordered ice cream latte (650 yen). Because it was quite a lot, it felt that I finally finished drinking for an hour's stay. It rained on this day, but if it is fine, the counter on the window side will have light and I think that there is a feeling of opening.

On weekdays there were really few people and it was so quiet that I heard only the sound of BGM, so I was able to concentrate and work!

It seems to be doing on Saturdays and Sundays, so please do go.

CAFE SALVADOR basic information

Store name
Street address
Tokyo Chuo-ku Nihonbashi Kayabacho 1-5-8 Tokyo Stock Exchange 1F
business hours
[Monday - Friday] 7: 00 ~ 22: 00 [Saturdays, Sundays, congratulations] 9: 00-20: 00
Number of seats
52 seats
There is one each at the counter seat
Free Wi-Fi available. I could not use it ...

If you have lunch at Kayabacho this is also recommended

Soup pasta + all you can eat with pan 500 yen! Discover shops that are too good at Nihonbashi.

Nipponbashi ZUPPA di PASTA takeout



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