Direct connection to Metro Yurakucho Station! Quiet cafe "CAFE LEXCEL" with power supply and Wifi

I have been to Tokyo and it has been a year and a half, but I am not good at a place where people are still the same as before.

The cafes are the same, looking for cafés that can be quietly focused rather than gay gay urban cafes.

This time in the middle of the city Yurakucho where various routes go through, I found a quiet working cafe of my choice, so I will share it!

CAFE LEXCEL directly connected to Yurakucho Station

A 1-minute walk from Metro Yurakucho Line Exit D5 "CAFE LEXCEL"
It is a cafe in the Tokyo International Forum, which is often used in exhibitions and events.

On this day, there was an event at the Tokyo International Forum, and I thought that I wanted to work a little later.

The Tokyo International Forum is like a fish bone on the ceiling.

Such geometric buildings just want to take pictures.

This time I went past 18:00 on weekdays, but it was a fairly quiet atmosphere. It was a cafe whose name I had never heard, but when I checked it later, it was a cafe of Doutor series.

It seems like a shop that is superior to the usual doutor because the barista puts high quality specialty coffee. The clerk was also a very polite response.

The shop was really quiet as there were many people who were working silently alone.

And the outside seating (even though it's in the Tokyo International Forum) feels open and good. I worked here because there was an outlet for each seat at the large desk in the middle.

It is easy to nomad with Wifi · power supply

Wi-Fi is very comfortable because it can use high-speed Wi-Fi of the Tokyo International Forum free of charge.

As power supply was attached to one seat one port, we were able to work calmly while charging.
The outside seating was quiet and easy to focus on. Near the station Wi-Fi, power is the strongest.

A shop dedicated to coffee

Coffee has hand drip or French press, and it is a commitment that beans can be selected further.
The barista taught me carefully what beans are recommended.

I thought that the toasts and desserts were somewhat more fashionable than ordinary doutors.

Relax with the cute latte art drawn by Barista.

Thanks to the quiet, I was able to concentrate on work for about an hour. Because there was an image that I was quite gayagaya around Yurakucho, such a quiet cafe was found Happi.

I will come again!

About CAFE LEXCEL Tokyo International Forum

Street address

3-5-1 Marunouchi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo Tokyo International Forum B1F
business hours
Weekdays 7: 30-22: 00 Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays 8: 00-21: 00
Power supply · Wi-fi
Number of seats
41 seats



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