[Report] I will quit my blog for half a year!

I know I keep writing blogs for half a year, I understand why my blog does not grow. At

I'd like to write about "What kind of blog do you want to keep in the future" in the next blog?

And two weeks after I left it .... I'm sorry I could not update anything!

Although it is said to have fallen asleep with influenza A of the trend, I think that I will write about it because there is another big reason.

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  1. 1.I will stop blogging.
  2. 2.Why are you forgetting to blog?
  3. 3.I will not make escape by quitting my blog or sideline
  4. 4.I made a Twitter account dedicated to SaaS
  5. 5.Let's meet again in six months!
  6. 6.Just 4 months ago blog

I will stop blogging.

As the title, I will quit my favorite blog that I've been doing my best in 2018.

Whether I will not update my blog ever since then, will I close this blog NO?

To be exact,Stop writing blogs for half a year until the end of June 2019!I decided.

Why are you forgetting to blog?

Why are you stopping blogging that has worked for half a year? As for the conclusion"I want to concentrate on my core business"is. It looks like AKB to graduate. Lol

I am doing my blog as a hobby, but in my main business, SaaS's Web Marketing Tool "ferret One"We work as a customer success.

ferret One, site · LP production / blog / email market / lead management ... etc. What we need for web marketing is all in one! It is a very useful tool.

I am working as a CS now after sales, but the product love is too strong and I always think about my company's products ....

"I want to make it a better product!"
"This feature's irritable ..."
"How can I make this product easy for users to use?"
"I am seriously thinking about products if it really matters!"

And I want to demonstrate my value in more products! It began to think.

Rather, the sense of mission that I am the right person is the right .... It is a mystery to myself whether where such confidence will come from. Lol

And, as it happened, we had the opportunity to speak at the last general meeting of our employees so we asked the current product manager"That position I will receive!"I have declared. It's kind of cheeky. But this is just right.

Even in a speech"I will stop blogging"I was surprised to hear that. It was pleasantly obedient to have permeated the position that blog = Piroi also inside the company.

I will not make escape by quitting my blog or sideline

I hope both my main business and my blog can do their best, but I decided that it is difficult to write a high-quality blog while doing new things.

It takes 2 hours to write an article, so if you update your blog 3 times a week it will take 6 hours a week.Converting to a month, 30 hours. It takes time and it takes time.

I think that I want to study the time spent on my blog in the future to study, read books and sleep to become a product owner. Actually it has only been a week since I declared blogging around, but the amount of reading has surely increased!

In addition to being a side jobHintos writing gadget articlesI'm going to work for half a year. I gratefully cheered for giving my thoughts to the person in charge of hintos.

Since I reached 100 articles last year, I want to ask for quality properly if I do blog in the future and I am sorry once I do not like halfway.
Blog 100 articles are achieved while working as an office worker! I will write blogging reason / PV number / number of articles / Merideme all.

Do not block blogs and sidelines, so make sure that you can serve yourself seriously so that you can not make escape.There is also an aspect of it.

Since I am a weak person, I think that I will find excuses if something goes wrong. But if you narrow down to one core business, you can not say "I am trying my best for my blog. Lol

I made a Twitter account dedicated to SaaS

Why half a year? As for the place I am intuition with somehow. It was too short for 3 months, it was too long for 1 year, and it was half a year that I was just right.

Become a product owner by April 2019 and make it possible to make it very easy to use productSo please look! (Wonder if you are looking at the president ... haha)

However, it is only necessary to make it a product owner. I do not know anything with knowledge and experience. I will continue to study from here!

In order to enter from the shape, we have opened from Twitter account for SaaS exclusive · product study, so if you are interested please follow us here!

It probably is not interesting for bloggers so do not follow it.

Let's meet again in six months!

I decided to make a decision to "do not blog" in about five minutes unexpectedly.

I had a feeling of "I want to improve the product!" Within me,"To be honored at the general meeting" triggered, and in addition the various timings exquisitely overlapped, it is now! I thought that I decided with the word.

Timing is really important. I will not update the blog for about 5 months, but I'm happy if you can look forward to it again in half a year!

Well then I will power up and come back! Hello!

Just 4 months ago blog

Emo! After all I love blogging!

Blog 100 articles are achieved while working as an office worker! I will write blogging reason / PV number / number of articles / Merideme all.



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