I know I keep writing blogs for half a year, I understand why my blog does not grow.

Hello! It is Pirori (@ pirori 3182) as a reward.

Let's do our best from June 2018! Half a year with a resolution. I did not update 1 month in 2017, but in 2018 I started to update blogs at least 3 weeks a week.

I've been writing for the past six months to handle numbers anyway, "The number of PV did not increase so much for the (time spent) effort" That is the truth.

▼ Monthly trends in the number of PV in 2018

Looking back on the blog life of 2018 and a half year, “Why my blog doesn't grow” and “reflection point” became clear.

・ We will do blog from now on! Someone who thinks
・ The person who says that I am doing a blog and is stagnant

I think that it would be helpful for such people, I would like to write honestly and barely!

"Why blogging doesn't grow" I learned by writing for half a year

It says from conclusion.

I kept writing blogs for half a year and found out "Why my blog doesn't grow", "Because there is no blog with no axis" is.

My blog has been based on the concept of writing "a reward for myself," "a blog that writes things that will be" a little reward "in daily life."

This is a concept that I decided to put out elements related to blogs for about 2 hours at a cafe with a trustworthy senior, and it was not decided properly at all.

However, because the content was a so-called miscellaneous blog called "Travel ・ Cafe ・ Gadget", I could not create the axis "Pirori = ○ ○".

Among the popular bloggers around you, each one that has grown properly has its own axis. For example like this.

DRESS CODE.Hiraoka-san = Men's Fashion Blog
99% DIYNosuke's = DIY Blog
Majimaji-ta-Anchi's = blog of life philosophy and lower news item

It turned out that it would be difficult to put out numbers on blogs without an easy-to-understand axis of "Piroli = ○ ○".

I decided to go on a blog post because I could update a lot without overdoing it, but I still can not improve my motivation if the numbers don't grow. For me, I realized that the ease of writing blogs and the number of PVs might be a trade-off.

Reflection point when I write a blog for half a year

There are various reasons why my blog did not grow other than "no axis", but here I would like to mention three main things.

1I was wearing a cat and I was lacking in my own

"Huh, did you ever wear a blog cat?

…I'm sorry. But it is not deliberate.

The bloggers I like write polite and beautiful sentences. I was very addicted to it, and I thought that it was quicker to learn from my predecessors and imitated the writing and composition.

However, as a result, I feel that it took a lot of time and was able to create a “selfish, honorable blog”.

For example this blog is.

We went to storefront chocolate specialty store "Dand Lion chocolate factory & cafe Kuramae" |

Although it took 5 hours to write on sentences and photos in vain, it ended in a sad end that almost nobody read it. (Now finally, it has been 10th in the search for "Dandelaion Kuramae!")

I wanted to write beautiful sentences, and I wasn't able to put out my "personality" on my blog with my own personality suppressed. In the future, I would like to make my blog more human-like. (I'm writing this blog to try to expose my misery as the first step.)

2 I could not create a blog fan. 80% via search engine

More than 80% of my blogs are coming via search engines (Google, Yahoo).

I think it's a heartache if I think that there are so many people who happen to see and see my blog when I'm investigating something ...

I want to increase the number of people (blog fans) who come to see blogs more directly! !

I want to increase the number of people who say "I'm looking at it because it's a Pirori blog" and "I regularly look at my blog!" In 2019, I would like to stick to the quality of blogs so that not only friends and people in the company / blogs but also a lot of other people can think that “pirious blogs are interesting”.

3 There was unevenness in the update frequency. Sweet to me.

Since I am writing a blog while working full time, I am blogging only after work and on weekends.

Even though I have to update it in the first place, I am pretty sweet against myself. I think it's a person on the other side of stoic. Lol

"I'm tired of work today, I don't write," "I'm going on a weekend trip because I went on weekends! I decided to update my blog based on the busyness and motivation of the day.

Blogs are just a hobby, but if you do, you want to get results. If you spend time, you want to make money. It was a half year when I realized that I would not follow the results if I did not update more stoic.

What kind of blog do you want to make in the future

Thank you for reading so far though it is a long sentence that exceeds 2,000 characters! Of course there are a lot of things I've noticed and enjoyed in my last six months writing blogs.

Based on this reflection point, I would like to write "What kind of blog I would like to use in the future" on the next blog again.

Also I think if you want to write fun next time without forgetting your identity! See you soon.



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