【Meat blogger recommended】 Sirloin Sukiyaki of Nakameguro's yakiniku "Beef Kitchen" was too tasty

Hello! I love meat.

The other day,Meat blogger dekoi When I heard about yakiniku ya which is recommended roughlyNakameguro "Beef Kitchen"Recommended it.

If it is recommended by Mr. Koi who eats meat quite often, it will be no doubt! So I went!

Beef kitchen in Ginza shopping district in Nakameguro

7 mins walk from Nakameguro Station "Beef Kitchen"

It is on the street of Ginza shopping district, but I was surprised that there was such a place because I only knew fashionable Nakameguro along Meguro River where Hanami is famous!

It is a shopping street with an old-fashioned calming atmosphere.

As I walked straight through the shopping area where there are many restaurants, I could see the sign of BK (beef kitchen).

When you get down to the basement floor, you can see the neon of "BEEF KITCHEN". Stylish interior that does not seem to be a yakiniku restaurant. The store is almost fully occupied even though it is Monday night. Truly a popular store!

I will have a beef in the beef kitchen.

There is a rich menu of beef only in beef kitchen. We went on and on with a focus on the beef menu (upper right)!

● Japanese beef and beef scallops

An appetizer that the ponzu vinegar jelly and plenty of onions fit the best. A feeling of having ordered the strongest menu from the beginning.

● Beef tongue and today's selection

Beef tongue is thick and has a nice texture.
Today's specialties, I forgot what part, but it was a soft, mellow meat in my mouth.

● Legal yuke (salt)

It was eaten mixed with the smooth yolks. The simmering flavor is the best.

● Harami

A little bit of fat? I thought, but indeed Harami. There is a good food to eat.

● Miss Ji and Shin Shin

Thin and flat meat series!
Miss Ji Mo Shin Shin also, for about 3 seconds Quickly hit, Hiyoi rolled round and crack!

● Sirloin + Sukiyaki Set

This is too good, and I definitely want to eat it.

Sukiyaki set with eggs and small rice balls on sirloin. Dispel the thick orange yolk and put on the roasted meat.

Wrap the rice ball with meat. There is no such luxury menu, though.

LIVE Gelato I want to eat last

"LIVE gelato" that I want you to eat to salmon

The performance will freeze the ice instantly on the spot with liquid nitrogen, but it's a "LIVE gelato" but it was quite a break!

It was watermelon taste in July, but when we eat chocolate chip and eatTaste like upper version watermelon barTo.

The sweetness of the flesh and the affinity of the sweet gelato were so good that I thought I would like them to sell at the convenience store.

Beef kitchen is good.

I did not know the total price because I had my boss handle it for celebration this time, but both the taste and atmosphere were correct.

Thank you very much for the handsome boss who introduced you and the handsome boss who helped me! Is happy!

Dekoi's rice terrorism blog is here.
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