[Reservation required] I went to hand-rolled sushi "AWOMB" in Kyoto that is too instantaneous

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I went to Kansai trip on 3 consecutive holidays of the other day!
This year's goalBesides "doing my best to blog", there is another goal of "traveling a lot"It is.

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I went to Kansai trip with my friends in high school days, but since sushi and sushi who went in Kyoto were just "installations", I will introduce them.


What is Sushi or Mr. "AWOMB" that instantiates?

The name of that sushi shop is AWOMB (Aum).

It is a sushi shop in Kyoto, it seems that there are 3 stores with Karasuma head office, which is the first shop, Nishikiya town store of No. 2 store, and Gion Yasaka shop of No. 3 shop.

Reservation for lunch became possible in December of 2017 (it is possible for two months ahead), it is said that it does not have to line up.


Appearance · interior also photogenic

Though it was the first day of 3 consecutive holidays, we were able to reserve Nishikiya cho stores of the 2nd store luckily three days ago.

Arrived at 13:30 of the appointed time. Today's guests seemed to be the only people who made reservations.

Going through this door, a nice green road will follow.

You can see the pattern of kimono in green.


The entrance is small like this and enters with a little bit of birth. I like places like this secret base.

A fashionable pendant light will welcome you enter.

The inside of the store you are interested in is like this. It was a warm room unified with trees and lights. Because there is a little Japanese style feeling, is it a renovation property?

This picture is on the first floor, but it seems there is also a second floor of a private room type.
As we entered the last order, customers came back as usual and the first floor felt like a charter just on the first floor. lucky!

What is an instant sushi you care about

And face to face with a wishful sushi ...!

Hand-woven sushi (2970 yen)


I am already overwhelmed and my words have not come. I saw this colorful creative sushi for the first time.

Sushi stuffs centering on Kyoto and Tempura are lined up side by side, and clerks carefully explain each one carefully before eating.

It seems to be delicious just by listening to words, such as "thick grilled eggs kneaded with Uji coffee" and "homemade yuzu jelly".

When the explanation was over, the store clerk also gave me a picture time "Picture please." Lol
About 90% of the people who come to this store are said to be given to the instructor, are not they?

Of course I took sushi with my camera.
The characteristic of lunch at Nishikiya cho stores is tempura called "clothing".

There are 3 to 4 pieces of ingredients in one sushi material, and the arrangement is also very polite.
Because the ingredients and cooking methods are also stuck, the taste was exceptionally delicious.

There is not a shari under this, it is basic to eat it as hand-rolled sushi.

On this seaweed and Shari, we roll this sushi material like this jewel and eat it.

Because there are many sushi material and condiments, the combination is infinite.
And you can eat sushi stuff and tempura as it is, so how you eat is tailored to your personal preference.


I also enjoy having sushi "making"

Before we eat, we take pictures and I am told that they are awfully tough, but when I start to eat, I concentrate on making sushi.

I seriously thought about what ingredients to combine and eat. Lol

There is also a way to enjoy not only to see but also to make. Spontaneously"Artistic hand-rolled sushi championship"It started.

Entry No. 1 "First sunrise"

I have imaged the sun from the top of the mountain.
Coloring and taste are just like well modeled works.


Entry No. 2 "Sleeping on purple onion"

There are lotus root and tempura so as to sandwich purple onions.
The producer said that it represented the scampla. What happened between the three (ingredients)?
It was deductible by the difficulty of winding because the ingredients were only large.


Entry No. 3 "Awaiting Spring"

Just because Kyoto was cold, it is a work that I thought of missing spring.
The cute is a perfect score, but it was a delicious dropout as there was no main ingredient.


Entry No. 4 "Land of life"

Producer's comment "I tried to express the life that overflowed from the ground with bean sprouts."

· · · I did not understand well.


Which was the most crowded?
Please also try the hand - rolled sushi championship with the people you went with. Lol


Fashionable and tasty AWOMB

There are many places where the taste is not good due to just the appearance, but the AWOMB taste was also correct.

Interior decoration and dishes' sense is also good, customer base is also calm, so it seems to be used for adult dates. If you take me to such a tasty and delicious place, the woman will be happy.


If you have the opportunity to go to Kyoto, please make a reservation and go!
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