The station to gather together is decided in 10 seconds! An application called "gathering up" is convenient

When you live in a station where you play with your friends. "Where do you want to meet?" is for people living in the Kanto area. I think.

The farther people live, the harder it is to find a station that everyone can access.

Did you know that there is a handy app that allows you to quickly decide a meeting station? It's very convenient and I'll use it once or twice a month, so I'd like to introduce it.

The name of the app is "Gather Maru Kanto"

The name "Gathering" is still the same... (laughs)

"It is an app that tells you which station will be the meeting place from multiple departure stations." Only for Kanto stations!

How to use "Gather Maru"

It's so easy that you don't even have to explain it, but I'll explain it.

① Just enter the station name

Enter the station where each departs. This time I would like to decide the meeting place from 4 points. (This is the end of the operation...)

② Select the appropriate search result

They have given me some candidates for the station that will be the place to gather from the four points I mentioned earlier.

Badges such as "fastest" and "everyone" are displayed under the station name. Basically the top There is no doubt that if you select “fastest”, it will be a station with good access for everyone.

< Meaning of badge >
・Fastest...recommended station when gathering immediately (I always use only this!)
・Everyone...Recommended station when many people gather
・Minimum transfer...Recommended station when you want to reduce the burden of transfer
・Outing...Recommended station when going a little far

③Look at the detailed screen of the search results

If you tap the top "fastest" Tokyo, "Time required from each station" and "Ari Nashi of transfer from each station" are displayed.

In this case, it seems that it will arrive within 20 minutes from any station, and there is almost no transfer, so It looks good at Tokyo Station! Will be.

By seeing this result, I can contact my friend, "Make it a station station!", so I can make a quick appointment and it will be smooth.

By the way, other search results are like this.

There are merits and demerits, but after all, "Fastest" presents a station that everyone can access easily.

The meeting place is decided in 10 seconds

I wrote it carefully this time, but in reality it takes less than 10 seconds to decide which station to meet.

I am a little worried that the version history of the application itself is 3 years ago, but if you are interested please try DL.

"Gather Maru Kanto-Find a station where everyone gathers! (Meeting station search app)" on the App Store



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