This is the No. 1 French toast on the market! 【French Toast favorite entertainer】

Hello, this is pylori of French toast I love entertainer.
As a French toast lover, I've written various French toast articles on my blog.

A breakfast with breakfast. Eat the Hotel New Otani's French toast! | Wishing for

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Even so! It is true that French toast is my favorite. Always eating French toast on week 2, you can definitely have 3 great convenience store 's French toast!

I love such French toast this time,I found the strongest French toast on the market.
I really want to introduce it while talking about where the best marketing is because it is too tasty.

The strongest French toast on the market!

The strongest French toast on the market is here!


"Pasco thickly French - (98 yen)" (crackling)

The first thing I want to pay attention to is price!
It is tasty but it is 98 yen! What? (It may vary depending on the place) Price is also strongest!

And what I thought next was "Is it Pasco in the upper left?"
Because it was a name I did not see in Kyushu, when I looked it upNagoya bread maker since 1911was.

Since our founding in 1920, we have maintained our spirit of founding, "Contributing to society through bread making," and we are developing our business.
- Management Philosophy - Greeting from the President | Pasco 

The founding spirit of "Contributing to society through bread making" is very cool. I am happy that bread is delicious.

I can not find Pasco quite easily

Pasco's thick-grown French, I can not meet anywhere.
I bought it with life that happened by chance, but I could not forget its aftertaste, I went to another supermarket, but I could hardly meet.

In Pasco's inquiry form I reply when I asked for a store, but it seems that there are many cases that are placed in "Life", "Commodity ID", "Maruetsu Petit", "Peacock Store", and so on.

And it does not always exist, so I meet as much as I can when I meet. (I'm sorry for other thick French fans!)

Is that delicious? Yes, it is tasty.

Is it delicious enough to keep such a buzz? Is not he saying over? Some may feel it, but it is really delicious.

① Fluffy condition of bread
② Heat of egg solution

Since these two points are perfect, I will explain each.

① Fluffy condition of bread

Please look, this is just thick. It has become a height that there is volume so far that it can not be displayed with French toast on the market.

Despite having a height of about 3 to 4 cm, it is fluffy as it is not extraordinary.

The convenience store 's French toast often has a crisp texture "nucho", but Pasco' s French toast is fluffy even if it warms up. I feel the bread maker's seriousness.

② Heat of egg solution

Egg fluid has reached the inside to the extent that it does not feel its height.
The whole bread is wrapped in yellow of happiness, whether it is wholly hidden in the egg solution.

When trying to eat and lift it, it turns out like this in such a way. Evidence that the bread is soft and the egg solution is soaked inside.

Lentin + black coffee = strongest

The most delicious way to eat this Pasco thickly French,Just eat as it isis. Because the material is tasty, please eat without attaching anything.

As a point of eating, after warming in the range for about 10 to 15 seconds and then eating it will be more tasty.

And thick thick French is sweet, so compatibility with black coffee is outstanding! It is the strongest combination that I want to start every morning with this combination.

Next time you become a fan of 'thickly French'!

Thank you for reading so far. I wanted to convey the deliciousness of thick-french food by all means, but the food repo on the blog is pretty difficult, is not it ...

want to eat! Whoever thinks please try looking at the supermarket nearby!
And"I know more delicious French toast than thick-french!"If you do not ask about marketing or shop, please let me know.

Well then, everyone can send a good bread life! See you soon!

Pasco's site is here ↓
Pasco | Super Mature Pasco | Shikishima Pan



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