【Hoppy Street · Shisha · Recommended Asakusa Hotel】 Asakusa sightseeing course where you can defeat one day 【Second part】

Hello! Pirori.

I stayed in Asakusa for 2 days and 1 night because of 3 consecutive holidays this weekend. Although he lives in Tokyo, by taking an inn, he plans to enjoy Asakusa until night.

As I was able to fully enjoy Asakusa from day to midnight, "A sightseeing course in Asakusa where I, a 25-year-old OL living in Tokyo, played down one day" I'd like to introduce_______ (It is a completely personal preference course.)

This time we will talk about the nightlife (?) of Asakusa because it is the second part. Check here for the first part of eating delicious Kamameshi!
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18:30 Go to Asakusa at night

Check in at the hotel, bring only your wallet to Asakusa at night. This is my third time to come to Asakusa at night, but I always think that there are few people compared to daytime!

Most shops close the shutters around 19:00, so this is a scene.

In particular, Nakamise Dori, which was full of people, is also scum, so I think Asakusa at night is a secret photo spot.

19:00 Drink on the Hoppy Street

When it comes to drinking in Asakusa (?) Hoppy street!
When I had a lunch, I put it in the shop rather smoothly, but at night, it was full of customers.

The first one is "Izakaya Yamaya"

If you can't enter the store easily, please go to a side street that is one step off Hoppy Boulevard. It should be unexpectedly empty at such a place.

The first one is a toast at Yamaya. I chose it just because the stewed broth was on the menu. Lol

The menu is abundant and I was satisfied because I was able to drink outside! If you have a few snacks and 1-2 cups of alcohol, I think Hoppy Street is the way to enjoy the next restaurant, so I went to the next one.

The second one is "Tavern Totoya"

I was eager to eat seafood because I was eating only meat, and when I was looking for Hoppy Street, I found a tavern called "Tavern Totoya", the main fish shop!

Hoppy street is full of meat and izakaya, so I didn't expect much for sashimi, but the tuna was very delicious!

There are 2F seats, so I think it's fairly easy to enter! It is recommended for those who like a lively place, because the audience is wakame and there are many foreigners.

21:00〜 Meet a wonderful brother at Shisha Cafe

I was full when I was drinking on Hoppy Street, so I found a shisha shop (a hookah that originated in the Islamic region) when I was taking a stroll around cool Asakusa.

This Asian-style lantern is located on the 2nd floor of a traditional arcade street called Sushiya Dori, and Asakusa Burn Shisha is a landmark.

When I smoked shisha in America in the past, I entered the store thinking that it would be all right because I had no memory of how to smoke shisha.

The sign says, "Welcome big welcome!" As you can see, the brother of the store is a very kind person and kindly taught me the tips. He was a very Frank person and taught me about Shisha knowledge and how it works.

(Don't worry about your Seriously)

A shisha has a burning time of one to two hours.

I became quite close to my older brother and showed me the store's Shisha collection just before closing. The latest Russian and American shisha containers are cool...

The price of shisha varies depending on the flavor inside, so the price is the same no matter what container you choose. Next time I want to smoke in a blue container like Aladdin.

23:00 Recommended dormy inn at Asakusa Station

The hotel was "dormy inn express Asakusa," which is right next to Asakusa station, and this hotel was very nice!

・One night, 6,000 yen per person
・There is a footbath overlooking the night view of Asakusa
・There is a large public bath
・Free breakfast is delicious

This is the night view from the footbath, but I could see the same view from the public bath. You can check in for 24 hours, so you can play late in Asakusa without any problems.

When I stayed in a different city like this, I found many interesting encounters and discoveries. Tokyo is fun!

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