[Asakusa] A story in which the rickshaw that I thought was for tourists was very good.

If you say Tokyo sightseeing, Asakusa will always be a candidate! However, I don't know where to go when my friend comes ... what should I do in the first place ... what's wrong?

There should be many people saying that they are not going to visit the tourist area. I was one of the people I was thinking like that, but I just visited Asakusa, a friend and a junior student who came to Tokyo the other day. And to the crowded GW. Lol

It was a perfect no plan, but if you let yourself flowAsakusa sightseeing plan that you can enjoy quiteWas completed! As it was a half-day course from morning to noon, it would be nice if it could be a reference for a weekend date or a little Asakusa sightseeing!

Well then.

10:00 Asakusa Station Arrival! Classic thunder gate

A lot of people, foreigners and Japanese alike, come to Kaminarimon! When I was thinking that I wanted to take a picture, my rickshaw brother asked me, "Can I take a picture?"

The elder brother who takes photos of various kinds using the angle and filter which shines in the insta.

My brother's business talk is very interesting, and I just ride on a rickshaw. Lol
I honestly thought, "Only rickshaws and tourists should get on," but I licked it. This is so good.

"Wear shop" of rickshaw to want to recommend with your best effort

This time I asked him "Car dealerA brother of a rickshaw called I got on the rickshaw for the first time, but it's faster than expected and it's fun like an attraction.

At the stop signal, he explained the history of the thunder gate. It is said that Panasonic has repaired the red lantern of this thunder gate once in 10 years. Please listen to ride by all means.

I knew for the first time that even rickshaws can run on ordinary roadways. It is treated as a light vehicle, but no special driver's license is required.

Even after that, the golden umbrella, the golden building next to it, the sky tree ... taught me a lot of knowledge and history that I do not know even if I live normally.

If you buy beer in advance, you can ride while drinking. Even adults can enjoy it enough.

It depends on the price, but we ran for about 15 minutes for 2,000 yen per person, and made it a course that takes 2 spots of photos.

The older brother who took me a photo on the smartphone. Lol

Both Sky Tree and Sensoji Temple were very good at the composition of the photo.

Photo geni service, of course, older brothers of rickshaw have great talk ability! The recommended spots in Asakusa seem to be studied a lot, and he taught me various things while riding.

As we were told various information in the morning, sightseeing of afternoon became more substantial!

There are many older brothers in front of Asakusa Station, butCar dealerPlease find out and listen to various stories. I really recommend it!

11:00 Visiting Sensoji Temple

I went to Sensoji Temple with a rickshaw, so I visited. As it is GW, there were a lot of people in this street.

It seems that Senso-ji is "a rare temple with a depth of nostalgia that accepts all staff members regardless of religion or sect." So there may be many foreign tourists.

11:30 Hoppy drinks Hoppy from noon

Speaking of Asakusa, Hoppy Street lunch! I wanted to do this all the time. Terrace seat of popular Sakaba Okamoto? Because it was just vacant, to drink there.

The weather is good, so I simmer in motu stew. It was a great lunch. Because it was crowded when it was past 12 o'clock, I think that it is a good time to go into the shop a little without it.

13:00 Eating around Nakamise street

After that, I wandered along the road just off the side of Nakamise Street.

I tried to buy the famous "Asakusa Menchi". Plenty of meat juice, sweet onions and hot!

It was more like a snack than a side dish.

After that, I went to the green tea ice cream "Nanaya" which was given to me by my rickshaw brother. It was queued up like a pretty popular store.

Matcha concentration gradually increasing from left to right. The right side is the sale of this store, the world's most intense green tea ice "Fujieda green tea gelato premium No. 7".

If you ask the world, you can not but eat it.

The world's dark green tea ice cream was really dark. It was a bit bitter for me who likes sweet things.

A semi-daily Asakusa course that is solid but full

I ate dessert and I was full, so this is the end of my tour of Asakusa.

It was Asakusa that I went to lunch with a mild feeling, but thanks to the rickshaw it was a very fulfilling day!

If you can not think of what to do this weekend, please take a look at Asakusa as a reference.

See you soon!



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