A currency conversion application Elk that can be used offline was convenient for shopping overseas

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Speaking of pleasure of traveling, lunch and shopping on land that you do not know. I think that I will not be able to come here anymore, "Let's buy it!" Wallet of your wallet will loosen! From the first day I am buying Belgian waffles and chocolates.

If you try to pay in a currency you do not always use, how much does it cost Japanese yen? I am not good at mental arithmetic, so it takes quite a while.

It is troublesome to check the rate on a daily basis, and there is no need to calculate it once with a calculator.

I found a currency conversion application that can be used with cucumbers, which solves a bit of trouble while traveling abroad! Because I can use without Wi-fi, I think that there are no losses to put people going abroad.

Especially people who have Apple Watch can use it conveniently, so it is an application I want you to put in.

About currency conversion application Elk

To introduce this timeElkAnd is a currency conversion application.
It can be launched and used even while traveling without Wi-fi.

For example, when saying "How many yen is 15 euro?", You can calculate easily. Of course you can also calculate the reverse "How much is 2,000 yen?"

We recommend this Elk among various currency conversion applications because it is simple and easy to use design. Perfect for usage scenes when flapping payments while traveling.

Even if this also has a function, I will not use it, so unnecessary items are scraped off and only the functions that I really need are left. I am only awarded the 2017 Award Design Award.

How to use currency conversion application Elk

Even without writing Elk you can understand intuitively.

① Open the application
② When choosing the appropriate numerical value, the converted value is displayed.

This will be only 2 steps.
I think that it is easier to understand if you actually touched it, so paste the screen capture video of the operation.





Features of currency conversion application Elk

① Automatically select local currency from place

First I downloaded the application and surprised already that the currency I wanted to convert was in.

I thought that I would like to convert it from the yen to the euro and opened it, it was already in. It seems that it identifies the user's location and automatically selects the local currency.

It saves you the trouble of setting a little ne. I think that there is a merit of turning on position information. Especially for those who go to various countries at once, I am glad that you do not have to change the setting every time.

② There is no need to type numbers

"I do not have to hit numbers" I think that this is a revolutionary point different from the currency calculation application so far.

What does it mean that you do n’t have to enter numbers even though it ’s a currency conversion app? As you might think, a design that allows you to increase or decrease the value by tapping and swiping, taking advantage of the features of the smartphone.

You do not have to type in numbers while holding a smartphone with one hand while shopping. It will be fun and intuitive and I want to use it chiefly.

③ Crisp calculation with Appwatch Watch

People who have Apple Watch can use Elk without having to issue a smartphone.

I am converting with Apple Watch's application without issuing a smartphone even while traveling. It is comfortable because you do not have to put your smartphone out of your pocket, and if it is a dangerous area it may also prevent you from pickpockets.



You can easily calculate by turning the dial on the right side of Apple Watch. It is the same as the smartphone application, and swiping is also possible when increasing or decreasing digits.


Elk to overseas travel shopping

I thought that I was glad I could download it on this tripElk

When I am in Japan I will never open, but during traveling abroad it is quite useful in many cases!

However, detailed functions such as calculation of chips are not attached so please try downloading other applications according to the application.

Well then I will enjoy Holland from now on!



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