I bought Anker's complete waterproof case to use the iPhone in the bath

Hello! It's a sprinkle.
The other day at Amazon Prime Day Fully waterproof case for iPhone Purchased!

I carry my iPhone to the bath to watch Youtube and Netflix.
Until now, I used it by putting it in the IKEA zip lock. (As usual, it's rubbish)

The zip lock is thin, so it unlocks fingerprint authentication and is easy to use in the bath.

But it's worn out soon, so I bought a waterproof case because it was Prime Day!

Anker's fully waterproof case

I bought this time on Amazo's Prime Day, "Anker completely waterproof case IPX8 standard" 999 yen.

Neck strap comes with a waterproof case and accessories. Summer festivals, the sea, and other coming seasons will be great.

The upper part is locked, and the lock is solid.

I will put a smartphone from the top.

The case was attached to the iPhone 7 plus, which is the largest among the iPhones.

Since it supports smartphones up to about 6 inches, it seems that Galaxy S8 etc. are also supported.

I immediately tried using Anker's waterproof case in the bath

I put my smartphone in a waterproof case and took it to the bath as usual.

Make sure you lock the case properly,

Shower busher! !! !! !!

Well, will it work?

Yup. There is no problem with anything.
I am impressed by the screen that is displayed more clearly than when using Ziplock!

I'm worried about the horizontal and volume control buttons

When placed horizontally, it slipped smoothly in some places. However, since the edge part is float, it will float even if dropped in the bath.

(My favorite Youtuber momona-chan)

The sound sounded clear without any muffles, so you can watch Youtube as usual.

The volume control button was a little difficult to use.

The black float is fluffy, so it's a little hard to see where the volume control button is.

You can take a picture even if it gets wet

And because the back side is also a beautiful clear package, you can take beautiful pictures even if it gets wet.

I tried taking shampoos with the case attached.

The image quality is as beautiful as when the case is not attached! It may get a little dirty as you continue to use it.

Recommended because it can be used in the bath or in the sea

It is IPX8 waterproof, so you can use your smartphone even in an environment with a water depth of about 10 m. It can be used to take underwater photos at sea.

It is waterproof and 999 yen is cheap. I think that it will be a loss to have one outdoor season in the future!

See you soon.

Amazon | Anker Completely Waterproof Case IPX8 Standard Dry Bag [Compatible with iPhone 7/7 Plus / Others up to 6 inch smartphone]



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