Did you know that ANA air tickets can be put on iPhone's wallet? Smart boarding is the best!

Hello! I'm a member of society and I missed the flight twice.

How do you prepare tickets for your plane?
Print E-ticket in advance? QR code ...?

Since printing was a bother, I used to squeeze a QR code every time, but there was a problem that an error occurs due to a certain function of the iPhone.

I was thinking about it without much concern, but I finally found "How to add an e-ticket to my wallet"! (slow!!!)

This is a paperless, convenient, error-free flight, so I want to introduce it to all iPhone users!

With the error of the QR code that appears in iPhone 7 or later

First of all, I will explain "the problem that an error is caused by a certain function of iPhone".

First of all, as an error event, the phenomenon occurs that "If you try to read a sketched QR code into a QR code reader, it will not be read due to an error".

If this happens, I can't get through the boarding gate, so I've had some trouble with my sister at the boarding gate ...

The reason is that "the moment the wallet app is launched at the moment you hold the iPhone over the QR code reader and the screenshot does not appear".

The instant wallet app comes up, so I can't help it anymore. Cry

I think this will be everyone after iPhone 7 that has wallet function.

How to put ANA boarding pass in iPhone wallet app

Well, it is the main subject.
This time, I will introduce "Ahead to put a boarding pass in the iPhone wallet" after making an ANA reservation.

1Open an application or site of ANA

If you have put the app, it is recommended because the notification will come!

2Show reservation details from reservation contents

If it is an application, tap the applicable one from "My Booking" on the top page.

Tap to display the booking details and at the top is the "Add to Wallet" button!
I wonder why I didn't notice until now ... but I can not do it ...

3 Just press "Add to Apple Wallet"

The button "Add to Apple wallet" is displayed for each flight, so just press the one you want to add. Only this!

When I went to see the wallet, it was really added. too amazing…! I wanted to know more soon ...! ! ! !

As usual, just check the security code of this QR code or hold it at the boarding gate!

There was no error at the time of the shot, and it was a breakthrough because you could get on the plane with one smartphone.

The app will notify you when the flight is approaching

It's convenient to give you the latest flight push notification before boarding.

Even if I didn't bother opening the wallet app, I was able to board smartly because I could put out a QR code with just one tap!

Apple Watch also supports

Even more convenient is the Apple Watch boarding!

When you open the Apple Watch Wallet, you'll be on the plane like a Suica because the QR code is displayed! This is smart to the top!

Convenience that can never return to paper

As I had struggled with the QR Code Reader so far, I wish I had noticed this feature more quickly.

If you have a wallet app, you can use this method, so please give it a try! Paperless best!

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