Best Buy candidate in 2018! I bought backpack of "Aer" from San Francisco.

"Backpack is not dirty?"
In a word from my mother when I came home, I noticed that my backpack is dirty for the first time ...

As a return of the university's first year of Valentine's Day, the red backpack of 'IRONY' bought by my father. I noticed it for more than 5 years.

Because it is a present from my father, I did not notice that it was dirty because of its quirky characterity, and five years had passed since I did not realize it ... (Please introduce this dirty backpack for extra, so please by all means lol)

Because the society person is also the second year, I decided to buy a nice backpack.

Since the backpack is always used at the weekend, we examined carefully in advance, purchased multiple reviews and purchased.

After watching the black backpack through zozotown all the way, I went around 10 stores in the Marunouchi Building to meet what I thought "This is it!" Please let me introduce.

▼ deciding factor

  • Simple black design
  • Many pockets, thought-out functionality
  • I do not seem to suffer much from people from San Francisco

It is likely to be Best Buy by 2018, it is a thing that seems to me from my heart that it was good to buy this year!

Simple and lean"Aer" Alpine Pack AER-31001

I bought this brand from San Francisco"Alpine pack AER-31001" of "Aer"

I bought it at a select shop called Marunouchi 3F "THE CONRAN SHOP". The price is 22,000 yen plus tax, the price that is right for me in the second year of society.

It features minimalist design without wasteful decoration. There is no waterproof function in particular, but because it is a material made from nylon water is played. It is about 1,200 g and it has a very light fit.

I was looking for "a simple backpack in black", I fell in love at first sight and decided promptly at the moment when I carried it.

Also,The backpack itself becomes independentIt was a big point that pushed the purchase. It is designed not to fall down even if heavy objects such as PC and camera are put in the upper part.

Capacity is 15L, so it is perfect for commuting and everyday use. There is also a large capacity backpack of 20 L or more in the Aer series, but this time I chose this size because I felt it was too rough for everyday use of women.

Because "Aer" logo is casually listed on the zipper part and the tag, it is also good that the assertion is not too strong! Each one of the fasteners is big, it is easy to open and close.

Design suitable for people working in the city and 12 pockets

"Aer" departed from San Francisco, a backpack made by a young man who was a designer. It is suitable for various lifestyles working in the city.

Aer's collections are categorized in this way in ascending order of capacity.

Because I am a backpack of the Work Collection, it is characterized by things that I normally use at work are easy to carry.

Because there are 12 pockets inside and outside, it seems that things will not confuse in the backpack. Where you opened the front zip, you can store small items such as pens and earphone cords.

And after opening the side fastener (main storage) like this. Machi is not so wide, but enough for everyday use.

And the points I could not absolutely exclude from this rucksack selection,There is a pocket into which a Mac Book (13 inches) can be insertedNational shop's leather sleeveYou can afford a Mac Book with a bare face.

I have a solid cushion on my back and I can carry it without stress as it does not hit it.

It is perfect as Nomade use. If it is around 2 nights or so, we can afford a trip

Holiday Nomad version

I tried putting what I usually carry, but it got better than I expected. Big bulky items such as Nikon's SLR are put in the gusset portion behind.

I can store even small items such as business card holder, MINTIA, eye drops and so on, so it does not seem to be a problem when using it at work for smart retrieval. It is high point just being organized properly when opening the backpack.

Traveling version of 2 days / 1 night

The contents are not much different from the holiday Nomad version, but I tried stuffing bags for two nights. Because we changed clothes and make-up pouch, iron, etc., we reduced the number of cameras to 1.

It may be difficult to put bulky items like knitwear in winter clothes.

I actually tried carrying Aer's Alpine pack

I actually tried using the holiday, but it is a nice place to use without choosing clothes because it is a simple black design. Because I was a whole body monotone this day, I am familiar without floating.

It is a small size in Aer, but I think that the size is just right for a woman. There is a SLR in the back gusset, but there is no sense of incongruity from the outside ... is it ...?

Also, since it is made for the person who worked from the beginning, it can be used at work. I usually go to work with business-like clothes usually, but also with compatibility with suit!

Even when entering or leaving a company that clicks on it, there is no problem if it is Aer's backpack.

Both design and practicality are fully compatible with Aer

I bought it because I fell in love at first sight because it was a backpack from San Francisco I lived in before but I like it quite a lot. There seems to be few people carrying on the town yet and it seems not to be covered.

It has only been three days since actually starting to use it, but it is pretty easy for me to work well outside. I will use it carefully from now on not to say "dirty"!

Purchases were sold not only on Amazon, but also on SHIPS · URBAN RESEARCH etc.

▼ Aer's backpack of the same model as meClick here [Air] Backpack Alpine Pack AER-31001 10 Black: Shoes & Bags

▼ Other Aer's backpack collection is here Aer (Air)

Bonus "Dirty backpack using 5 years"

IRONY 's backpack continued to use for over 5 years is here.

Although it is beautiful at first glance, white dirt is attached to the left navy blue part. (I do not mind, but ...)

This backpack is deeply thoughtful, spending time with college life, cebu / study abroad, society people all along. As a present from my father, I can not throw it away quite easily. Lol

Thank you so much for this kind of owner!
And Aer - san please do it!



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