I tried buying abdominal muscle rollers because I wanted to do something poppy

Thanks! I think it would be nice if I could train myself every time I wear a swimsuit at the camp.

Aside from looking at this video of beauty-related handsome Youtuber Kurumatani Sena-kun, I was anxious about the abdominal roller. (They have been played 900,000 times!)

Abs roller can be a healthy diet and easy to do, after all Sena's Six Pack is cool! (The reason is almost this)

After watching the video, I happened to have a chance to try the abs roller at my acquaintance's house, which works! As I thought, I actually purchased it.

Soomloom's ultra-quiet double-wheel abs roller

It's an ab roller that is sold in various places such as Loft as well as Amazon, but the same ones used by acquaintances "Soomloom's super quiet double wheel abs roller" (¥ 1,570) Buy.

If you search for "abt roller" on Amazon, you'll probably get the best seller on top.

・ Stainless steel pipe
・ Knee supporter mat

Is included. As I do not have a yoga mat, I am glad that a knee support mat is included.

The instruction manual will show you how to assemble and how to use the abdominal roller and you can assemble it right away. Because it was assembled in 3 steps, I was able to quickly make it even for me.

It is possible to carry out muscle training anywhere because it can be carried away to travel destination and business trip destination because of the assembly type.

Finished like this!
It is a plastic material so it can be lifted lightly with one hand. Because it is 517 g, it is as light as a 500 ml plastic bottle.

Just because you say "super silent abs roller", there is really no noise. Because the part of the roller is a soft material, the point that can be used as it is without damaging the flooring is also a Good point.

Because I will hurt my waist if I do not use it in the correct posture, I am doing rolling while watching Sena-kun's video. Harder than it looks, the next day my shoulders, abs and flanks come with sore muscles.

You can feel the effect just by doing it a few times, so you will be self-sufficient. If you continue 3 sets of 5 times every morning, you may wear a swimsuit with cool feeling next year!

Soomloom's ultra-quiet double-wheel abs roller Good point summary of

・ ¥ 1,570 and cheap
· Knee supporter mat is attached
・ Because you can take it apart for travel destination and business trip destination because of the assembly type, you can train in anywhere
・ Because resin material is very light
・ It is quiet anyway and does not damage the floor

I would like to actually use it and then review it later! Let's do our best not to be a three day monk

▼ Amazon is here
Amazon | Soomloom Ab Wheel Exercise Will Slim Trainer Super-quieting Abs Rollers Exercise Rollers Mats Protecting Your Knees | Soomloom |



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