Kitasenju's fashionable cafe. Power/Wi-Fi/SLOW JET COFFEE with terrace seats

I like to find fashionable cafes in a town I have never been to on weekends.

If it's in Ikebukuro, this cafe is recommended! If it's Shinjuku, it's fashionable! Isn't it cool if each station has its own recommended cafe? Lol

I am aiming for such a state, but I am still studying.

This time, I went to a fashionable cafe that looks like a foreign country at "Kitasenju Station" where various lines such as the Chiyoda Line and JR trains run.

It is a certified place that was taught by a friend who lives at Kitasenju Station.

Open cafe 10 minutes walk from Kitasenju station

SLOW JET COFFEE is a 10-minute walk from Kitasenju Station, so access is fairly bad. It's easy to understand because a fashionable cafe suddenly appears in a quiet residential area.

The open terrace and this red neon airplane mark are the points!

To be honest, I was surprised to see, "Is there such a modern fashionable cafe in Kitasenju?"
There are many small cafes in Kitasenju, so this kind of cafe with a large number of seats seems unusual.

A stylish store where you can enjoy the aroma of coffee

I went there around 16:00 on Sunday, but about 90% of the seats were full in the store. It seems to be almost female and popular with young people.

Inorganic x wood-like interior looks like an overseas cafe.

I am glad that there are many types of seats such as terrace seats, table seats, sofa seats, counter seats.

You can also work because there is a power supply and Wi-Fi

There are outlets at the counter seats and Wi-Fi in the store, so you can use it as a work cafe.

The inside of the store was rather quiet, so many people actually worked alone. I thought that if I lived around Kitasenju, I would sometimes want to come.

Waffles and hand drip coffee are delicious

The drink menu includes drip coffee and alcohol, and the food menu includes curries and waffles.

I went to snack time so I ordered waffles and coffee!
It was warm and crispy, and the amount was just right.

Hot milk uses the milk used for Haagen-Dazs.

It was a cafe that was cozy and long staying and chatting. I often go to Kitasenju, so I want to go there again!

Basic information of SLOW JET COFFEE

Store name
Power supply
business hours

7:00-LO 19:30

Street address
1-29-12 Senjuhigashi, Adachi-ku, Tokyo

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Among the cafes introduced on this blog, it is by far the most popular power cafe!
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