【Iidabashi · Wi-Fi Cafe】 Delicious lunch is delicious Royal Garden Cafe

Thank you very much! It is pilgrimage of nomad at cafe every weekend.

I woke up slowly and cleaned and washed today, so I thought that I could not concentrate at home, so I decided to work in the cafe. I feel motivated when I go to a stylish cafe.

Do you have any requirements for work cafes? I would be quite tempted if all three conditions were met.

1 area
2 large windows
3 high speed Wi-Fi

Where there is a feeling of obstruction and a sense of obstruction, the distance to the clerk is so close that I have a feeling that I must return home early ...

At Iidabashi Station, where there are few fashionable work cafes this time, I found a wonderful Nomad Cafe that satisfies these three conditions, so I will share it!

Royal Garden Cafe 4 minutes on foot from Iidabashi Station

The name of the fashionable cafe is "Royal Garden Cafe Iidabashi"

Iidabashi Station B2a Exit is located on the second floor of a large building called "Iidabashi Sakura Terrace", located 4 minutes across the river.

Royal Garden Cafe has a wide range of stores such as Aoyama, Shibuya and Nagoya. The first trip was after 15 o'clock on weekdays, but it was quite vacant.

Seen from the entrance, is it a narrow space? I think, but going into the back quite spacious store.

People were sitting there and it was quite quiet on weekdays. After that, I liked it and went around 13 o'clock on a holiday, but about 80% of the seats were full, and everyone had a chatty feeling, and there was a gayagaya feeling.

Seats on the window side are open and recommended

Recommended seat is the window side.

It was raining on this day and it was a bit cloudy outside, but the light coming from the large window is still quite good.

I sat down on the window side saying "This is the best light for taking a shot!" Lol

Wi-Fi is super crisp. Consultation on power supply is required.

About "power" and "Wi-Fi" which are indispensable to Nomad.

Wi-Fi is free from “Royal Garden Cafe” and it is fast and quite easy to use. There is no need to make particularly troublesome settings.

As for power supply, one of the HPs stated "power on", and there was power next to where I sat.

But when I asked the clerk, "Do you have a seat that can be used?" I was told "No", so if you want to use it, it would be better to say a word.

The rice is delicious anyway! The best!

The reason why I would like to recommend the Royal Garden Cafe here is from "Good food" besides "Area", "Large windows" and "Crispy Wi-Fi"!

There is a slight difference between the weekday lunch and the holiday lunch menu, but the price range does not change much. Holiday lunch menu is like this.

We order "rice bowl lunch" at lunch on weekdays. It was a gapa rice on this day, but this is really delicious ...

Although the meat is heavily seasoned with gapa rice, it does not seem to have too many habits. There is a Thai restaurant I like in Iidabashi, but it was so delicious.

It is quite cheap at 1,000 yen with a delicious salad and a drink in a jar.

After all, do not you think that it is the light, table that is most suitable for taking a shot? Lol

And because it became my favorite cafe, I came to eat holiday lunch. I order 1,600 yen for DORIA LUNCH (meet sauce doria of dumplings and hamburg).

Holiday lunch comes with salad and vegetable tomato soup! The salad is really delicious and delicious.

And the main Doria, this one was super hot and delicious. Really delicious Doria (not excuse for vocabulary), not taste like family restaurant or convenience store

I'm worried Official site We saw, but seem to be particular about offer of reliable safe food.

A set drink will come with a stylish jar well for holiday lunch. Just a jar, not an ordinary glass, will you feel fashionable and fashionable?

The lunch was also luxurious, and it was a very cozy cafe with quick Wi-Fi. I think that I go to the weekend sometimes because I became a favorite.

Shop information of Royal Garden Cafe Iidabashi

Store name
Royal Garden Cafe Iidabashi
Street address
2-10-2 Fujimi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo Iidabashi Grand Bloom Sakura Terrace 2F
business hours
Power supply
Necessary consultation with the clerk
There. Crispy!



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