NY in Shinjuku. Lunch with a fashionable cafe "Brooklyn parlor" perfect for Christmas

It's a great caretaker!

I like the Christmas season, and every day I commute while listening to Ariana Grande's "Santa Tell Me" at Spotify. Lol

The other day, when I went to a cafe I was worried about before

・ There is a Christmas tree in the shop and the atmosphere is huge.
・ Food is also delicious
・ There are many seats and smoke

And, because it was the perfect Christmas specification at this time and it was very wonderful, I will introduce it.

NY appearing in the basement of Shinjuku

I always wanted to go as a work cafe, "Brooklyn Parlor SHINJYUKU"

A cafe with a New York atmosphere that appears when you go down the stairs at Shinjuku Marui Annex.

I arrived at around 12:30 on Saturday, so I added it, but around 14:00 when I finished lunch I had a procession outside of this store.

When I open the door, there is already NY. Well, I have never been to NY ...
Interior decoration was brick and wood tone stylishly.

There is a bar counter that feels so atmosphere that you forgot to have lunch.

Oh yeah, I wonder why I came as a work cafe, there are more than 2,500 books in the store.

I thought that I would like to work someday, because I can buy books and take a walk at my seat.

Christmas tree only this season

However, from the conclusion Brooklyn parlor is recommended for lunch is! The atmosphere is so good that it's a waste of work! Lol

In this holiday season, there is a Christmas tree in the middle of the store that seems to reach the ceiling.

There are 150 seats and it is quite spacious in the store, but it was quite popular. Well, in this atmosphere everyone will want to come.

About 10% of people are working and reading, and most of them are women who have women or couples who are going to chat.

The quality of the food is also high, without saying.

And better still, the food is delicious.

I did not expect so much taste, but this "scrambled egg and roast chicken pasta" was quite delicious.

It also contains cheese and I know the taste of women.

The menu looks like this. I'm sorry I can not see it.

I would like to add more, as there is only one type of pasta lunch. Like NY, there were many variations of Burger Ranch.

The best for date use.

Brooklyn parlor SHINJYUKU where the service, the atmosphere and the taste were very good.

As we do not only lunch but also use of the night, we want you to go by all means this season!

Basic information of Brooklyn parlor SHINJYUKU

Store name
Brooklyn parlor SHINJYUKU
Street address
Shinjuku Marui Annex B1F 3-1-26 Shinjuku Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo
business hours
[Mon-Sat] 11:30-23:30
[Sun, Holiday] 11: 30-23: 00
Free Wi-Fi available
It can not be confirmed ...!



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