Three things you want to read and run, "If I am 25 now, there is something I want to do 50 like this"

25 years is another half a year.

I'm 25 years old when I'm 25 years old and have many worries and thoughts, much different from when I was a student. I have a book I think.

I met him from this blog by kee.
List the dreams you want to make. A list of 100 people in their 20s who want to achieve. | keeclip

"If I'm 25, I have 50 things I want to do." This is a book written by Yataro Matsuura, the chief editor of COOKBOOKS, the editor-in-chief of Cookpad “Kurashi no Kihon”.

Mr. Matsuura, who dropped out of high school and moved to the United States, started a small bookstore after a part-time job of physical labor and started a small bookstore, and has considerable experience as a member of society. Mr. Matsuura wrote 50 "What I would like to do if I was 25" for a 25-year-old adult beginner.

Since there are so many as 50, I think I almost forgot what I read after 3 days. Among them, I would like to introduce three things that I sympathize with and I would like to implement immediately.

Three things you want to read and run, "If I am 25 now, there is something I want to do 50 like this"

① To take the first point

Whether it's a simple task that everyone dislikes or a cumbersome task, you can achieve results by taking the initiative, and you will have a greater presence in your surroundings.

That's why it helps. What I was trying to do in order to acquire this presence is to "take a pre-emptive mark".

This "taking a pre-emptive mark" does not mean that it is sports, but that "a job that people dislike or troublesome" is the first thing to do.

When he was young, Mr. Matsuura seems to have worked as a “use-and-run professional” on a part-time job at a construction site, taking the lead in the work that people do not want to do, building a small amount of trust and leading to a great deal of trust and work.

I'm extremely tired and I just want to live by doing what I find fun, but Rome is not a day. I realized that there is an opportunity for jobs that people do not want to do to win trust.

After reading a book, when I feel like "I'm a little tired" at work, I think that it's an opportunity, and say "I'll do it?"

② Have a deep curiosity

People who have the ability to do something, people who have a slightly different number of gear teeth, people who can impress many others, are different from ordinary people. , The difference in curiosity.

In addition, "depth" is important for curiosity.

I recently realized that this is something that is common to all the highly qualified people around me, and that I am not satisfied with it, so I read the book and became convinced.

I feel that it is more interesting for people who are digging deep into something, whether it is blogging or work, and there is also a need from people around them. I often think, "I really don't know what I want to do," because I don't have a deep focus on what I like.

Anyone can be interested in various things, but I think that if you do not dig deep into what you like, you will not be able to differentiate yourself from others.

By repeating "Why?" from usual times, it will be a training to understand the essence of things. I want to do my best to avoid becoming a shallow person.

③ Do not catch a cold

Those who never take a break have a very high level of trust inside the company. However, people who are not at a critical time or who are sick will have a great handicap in creditworthiness.

“I don't catch a cold” is something I have always been aware of as a member of society, and I have never taken a day off from work because of a cold.

It is because "health" that anyone can practice, and I think that if you do not practice it, you will be less conscious. Similar to (1), but not resting leads to a small amount of trust, which eventually leads to a big opportunity.

I don't want to say that resting is evil, but I don't want to rest because I am unhealthy. I think that my health can be improved depending on my consciousness, so I would like to keep early hours and early hours in the future.


Book reviews are difficult. It was a very good book, so I wrote this blog with the intention of recommending it to people in the second to third years of working.

When I made a sentence about what I felt, I didn't know how to convey it. Lol

I think it's unlikely that something will change when you read a book, so I think it's a good thing if any one action changes. In fact, by reading this book, my own rules have been decided to "take on the troublesome work", and my behavior is gradually changing.

In any case, this book is recommended for beginners around the age of 25! Please read it.

There are Kindke and paperback books. If I'm 25, I have 50 things I want to do. (Kodansha + α Bunko) eBook: Yataro Matsuura: Kindle Store



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