What good bloggers bought in 2018 【Gadget · Mono · Beauty】

7 days left in 2018! It's time to write a blog about what you've bought in 2018!

Last year I wrote "What I was glad to buy"
[Gadgets by price] New graduate IT girls choose! Good things to buy in 2017

It is a blog that is deeply touched by this article, where a contributing job is born or an acquaintance buys what is listed here.

ZOZO's respect for Maezawa, spending money rather than saving, so I bought various things this year. This year, especially, there was a boost from paypay.

In 2018, OL bloggers introduce what I think is "good to buy!" Into three categories: "gadgets", "things", and "beauty". To do.

It ’s not about the specs Introducing "how you changed your life by buying" I will continue.

Finally The best thing to buy in 2018 We will announce, so please join us to the end!

Good things to buy in 2018-gadget edition-

①Echo Spot

Smart speaker with screen Echo Spot (¥ 14,980)
If you say "Alexa, play music," etc., it is a clever speaker that will move as commanded.

The good thing about buying Echo Spot "It's a little easier to get ready in the morning "

Because I can control it by voice, when I wake up in the morning, I play music or have the weather taught while making up. It is a good guy who can take care of your daily work.

Speaking of the function as a smart speaker, it is enough even without a screen, but I think that it was good to use Echo Spot because the whole design and the touch panel to use somehow are convenient.

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I tried Amazon Echo Spot for a month. Introduce the functions you really use in order of frequency!

②Eufy RoboVac 11

Anker of the charger manufacturer Eufy RoboVac 11 (¥ 19,800)

I bought it at an Amazon summer sale, but in late 2018 the quality of life has improved dramatically.

Until now, I have been using quick and quick wipers, but after introducing Eufy "Clean floor every day without doing anything" I got an environment that is too wonderful. I am happy every day just because my hair does not fall in the room.

Even the cheapest model has enough cospa and design compared to rumba, which is close to 40,000. It's not super quiet, but if you have a timer to clean it while you're at work, you won't mind anything.

It is a gadget that I want everyone who is currently cleaning by hand to buy. It was really good to use, so I gave one gift to my parents and my sister!

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Because I don't like the hair falling on the floor, I introduced a robot vacuum cleaner "eufy" that can be purchased for 20,000 yen! | Reward

③OLYMPUS mirrorless interchangeable-lens camera OM-D E-M5 MarkII 

Mirrorless interchangeable-lens camera purchased for over a month OM-D E-M5 MarkII (¥ 108,270) … This is a really good camera.

It is highly recommended for me "active people who want to take good photos, though they are not camera savvy".

By buying EM-5 "You don't have to have various cameras and lenses on the go and on the road." It is now

In particular, if you have a main person who shoots landscapes (people who do not need to be blurred), I think that this camera can be used with this camera from morning to night.

(I want you to see this smallness ...!)

-Anyway light + small = easy to carry.
-Nevertheless, it has the highest lens in OLYMPUS!
-The stabilization is amazing, so you can take beautiful pictures at night without a tripod!
・ Dustproof and splashproof! You can go on rainy days, snowy days, and mountains!

The EM-5 is a universal camera that can handle any scene. There is no doubt if you have one.

ほ し い Want to see examples because you can do both wide angle and blur!
To a company employee who is depressed in the morning. I'd like to recommend a photo walk early in the morning because I'm happy before going to work. | Reward 

Good things to buy in 2018

④Anker completely waterproof smartphone case

You can use your smartphone in the bath or the sea, Anker Fully waterproof case (999 yen)

Until then, I put my smartphone in a zip lock and used it in the bath, but there were various problems when it was abolished or flooded.

After using this Anker waterproof case, "A comfortable Youtube life in the bath without worrying about flooding" Got it.

When I tried a cheap waterproof case from another manufacturer, there was a thing that the vinyl sticked to the smartphone screen and the operation was not good. I've been using Anker for almost 5 months now, but I recommend it because it works without any problems!

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I bought Anker's fully waterproof case to use the iPhone in the bath |

⑤National store leather sleeve for 13-inch MacBook Pro

Purchased on this birthday, MacBook Leather Case of National Store (18,144 yen)

As it was the second year of working life, I stretched out and bought it to pay attention to my belongings. When saying the price, it is always said that it is "high!", But since it is made by a Japanese leather craftsman, the quality is definitely high.

What I like about buying this is "I am confident just using it" . I'm completely self-sufficient.

When you're in a business meeting with a customer or working in a cafe, the moment you take it out of your bag is irresistible. I don't wear people, it's cool, and every time I use a Mac, I think "it's really cool!" Lol

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Degassing girls. I bought a leather case for Macbook13 inch of National Store.

⑥Aer backpack

2018 Best Buy Candidate! Wrote on the blog, "Aer" Alpine Pack AER-31001 (¥ 22,680)

Although the appearance was simple, the contents were attracted to practical places with many pockets and purchased.

I was glad I bought this "I can now organize my backpack." thing. Lol

Until now, various things were packed properly, but the structure is such that PCs, pens, business card holders, house keys, etc. can be neatly arranged. And it's simple, so it's easy to match any clothes.

The boss (male) who saw the blog purchased it, but it is a backpack that can be used by both men and women!

▽ Review articles
2018 Best Buy Candidate! I bought an Aer backpack from San Francisco.

Good things to buy in 2018-beauty edition-

⑦KOSE Princess Veil Morning Skin Care Mask 46 sheets

Sheet mask only for morning, KOSE Morning Skin Care Mask 46 sheets for morning use (¥ 1,146)

On a busy morning, I use a mask for one minute instead of lotion. By using this from the morning "Moisturizing with hands empty + A refreshing feeling that wakes up!" Recommended because you can get.

Previously introduced Saborino morning mask It is more recommended than that, the reason is "overwhelming cospa" and "easy to take out"

Saborino is about 50 yen per sheet, whereas this KOSE Princess Veil is 24 yen per sheet. It is price without guilt even if we use every day.

The design is smart because it can be taken out with one hand like a tissue even on a busy morning. We plan to use KOSE Princess Veil in the future.

⑧ 110 x 2 packs

You might think, "Well, why this cotton swab w" Sugo fluffy cotton swab × 2 pack (パ ッ ク 494) Is a daily necessity to introduce.

As the name suggests, it is fluffy and amazing. Use this swab "Water is left in the ear after the bath ..." Opportunities to feel overwhelmingly decreased.

Since it has about 130% cotton volume compared to a normal cotton swab, it can absorb water in your ears when used after a bath.

(Left: Normal swab, Right: Sugo fluffy swab)

If you use this at your hotel after using it, you will not be able to return to a normal cotton swab. It is a cotton swab that is so addictive.

The movement of the cotton part is not good, so it may be best to use it together with the earpick!

Nivea Marshmallow Care Body Mousse Healing Citrus Scent

And the last thing I want to introduce is the Nivea of Nogizaka Marshmallow care body mousse (¥ 618)

This body mousse is a fluffy mousse type like marshmallow.

Thanks to this mousse "After bathing, we can moisturize the whole body super fast" That's the point.

I want to keep my whole body moist with Naha Hayashi to avoid drying after bathing, but if it is cream, it will take quite some time until it is sticky and finishes painting.

But with this, the mousse can be extended all over the body without any delay, so that the whole body can be moisturized in a short time. Do you feel like this is a melting photo?

Even though it is smooth, it contains moisturizing oil and moisturizes it properly.

And if you paint at night and sleep, the scent of healing citrus will continue until morning, so you will get up and be healed by your good scent w

I like it too much and ask for it on a regular and economical flight.

What is the best buy in 2018 ...?

By the way, I have introduced 9 items in total, divided into 3 categories of "gadgets", "things" and "beauty".

It's hard to decide the best, but I'm glad I bought this in 2018! If you choose the best buy product you think ...

Eufy RoboVac 11 is!

Eufy who cleans every day even if you are relieved. Among the nine, it has never been let go.

With a comfortable life under 20,000 yen, you can say that it is the best shopping in 2018.

In 2019, I want to buy various things so that this article can be powered up and written. I will work hard for that and make money.

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