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A little more in 2017! It will be in a flash.
Speaking of a good article for concluding a year, a good article I'm glad to buy this year.

I would like to put together mainly the gadget system, which I thought was good to buy in 2017!

Because I summarized by price, I think that it would be helpful for those who would like to buy a reward for themselves "" I have not bought a gift for her though it is Christmas "♡

Let's go! Damn it!


Good thing I was happy to buy in the 1,000 yen range



Simple and cool smartphone standLomicall(¥ 1,099)

Amazon's best selling items. There are various products out of the smartphone stand, but this is good angle adjustment possibility!

I often use a PC to place a smartphone in Lomicall and stream Youtube, but it is very convenient to change the angle slightly at that time.


Because it is easy to use and COSPA is also good, I bought for the company not only for the house but also for the company. The fixed position of the smartphone is always above the Lomicall.


Fellows Bunkers Box


Monotone storage boxFellows Bunkers Box(¥ 1,635)

My favorite blogmonographIt was featured in and it quickly got a poke at Amazon. After being delivered it is easy to assemble it so even a woman is fine.

It is stronger than I expected and the capacity is big, so I'm putting in a book or refilling shampoo. Even if the contents are cluttered, it is perfect as a deception as it is cool as you look from the outside. Lol



Try to prevent smash droppingSMA-BELT(¥ 1,350)

· The problem of getting rattled when placed on desk of bunkering (smearing)
· IPhone 7plus overflowing and falling over problems

It is super convenience goods which resolve these two thoroughly.

Just paste on the back of the smartphone with adhesive tape, installation is completed. Afterwards when you pass your fingers between the belts, a soft material belt will support the smart head firmly.

Because it hardly tilts when placed on a desk, you can keep touching the smartphone without stress!


cheero CLIP universal clip

Cables and cords can be gatheredcheero CLIP(¥ 1,330)

Petting and packing cords and earphones with magnets!

After using it, there is no problem of cords getting entangled in the bag. Since it is a set of 5, it is convenient to use for various cables!


Good thing I was happy to buy about 5,000 yen range

Fire TV Stick

You can see Amazon Prime, Hulu, Netflix, etc. just by inserting it in the HDMI terminal of the TVFire TV Stick(¥ 4,980)

Compared to Apple TV and Chrome cast, I do not care about games and image quality I made it to Fire TV Stick.

Although it is super-classic too much, just satisfying with Netflix just by buying this will markedly raise your satisfaction. The Prison Break that I was watching on the Macbook 13 inch, when I see it on the big screen of the television, the presence is different.

It is very convenient to be able to search the voice with the voice recognition remote control! However, it is regrettable that Youtube will not be seen on Fire TV from next year.


Good thing I was happy to buy in the 10,000 yen range

JBL Flip 3

Bluetooth speakerJBL FLIP 3 (¥ 9,980)

I want to send music in the room ~, I wanted to listen with Netlfix with good sound quality when watching on PC ~ I was looking for a Bluetooth speaker.

When compared with famous places such as BOSE and Beats, it was this JBL FLIP 3 that COSPA was the most favorable. Besides the price, the sound quality is also good, so it was light so it was convenient to carry and it was highly appreciated by various blogs.

Kimedokoro waterproof performance! I played a big success in shedding music at the outdoor destination in the summer barbecue and the sea. I think the sound quality is good and I think that it is worth more than the price.


Panasonic nanocare dryer


Panasonic dryerNano care EH-CNA 97(¥15,500 )

Mizuhara Nozomi is a dryer of the model's nanocare series. It has about the same specifications as the latest model "Nano Care EH-NA 99", so it is cheap so COSPA ◎

Although I am not very familiar with honest beauty, I am concluded that it is not too cheap in my research, it is just a good quality dryer not too expensive.

I am doing it because it seems to be able to suppress the hair and the smoothness of the background by turning the mode of the air volume into the sculp mode. I am happy with dry skin.




Apple's Bluetooth Wireless Earphone "Airpods"(¥ 18,144)

I can not go back to earphone with wire already! I like it.

The sound quality is good, I do not get tangled with the cord, and I listen to the music smartly because it pairs with the iPhone the moment I put it in my ear.

Demerit is sometimes dropped together at the muffler removal time and something that I heard is a little dasa cousin. Lol


Good to buy over 30,000 yen

Apple Watch SERIES 2

Also here Apple's smart watch "Apple Watch SERIES 2」(¥40,824)

Push notifications can be confirmed at the fastest, so people with a smart addiction will become tranquilizer. Actually I am using the main confirmation of the notification rather than the clock.

Although it is quite gussetful personality, the screen does not break even if it is dropped, and if it is a sports band it is easy to clean and so it can be used cleanly!

Please also read articles on the previous Apple Watch.
Apple Watch Which women is 38mm or 42mm? 【Size comparison image available】 


I met a good thing in 2017!

In 2017 I became a member of society from a student and the environment has changed greatly, so it was a year when I purchased various items.

Whenever I buy gadget series things, I will always read and compare personal blogs and articles from the word of mouth. Thanks to pioneers writing helpful articles I have met many good things this year!

Everyone, bloggers, thank you very much!


Next year I will more disseminate good things and services so that I can become such a good information provider!

Well then, I would appreciate your favor in next year.





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