Blog 100 articles are achieved while working as an office worker! I will write blogging reason / PV number / number of articles / Merideme all.

Finally, we finally achieved "100 posts"!
It opened on July 30, 2017 in the first year of new graduate,100 articles until reaching 1 year and 2 months... It took quite some time, but it was awesome! Yes!

While working full-time as a sales company at a Web marketing company in Tokyo, I wrote a dirty article!

I changed the domain, the number of PV became 0, an article I wrote over 5 hours was not read at all, how many times I lost my motivation ... haha

Since we achieved 100 articles as a company employee in various ways, in commemorationTrends in the number of PVs and articles, reasons for doing blogging, Merideme who is doing a blog as a company employeeAnd summarize!

I wrote it in cheeks as 100 articles!

<Table of Contents>
· Trends in the number of PVs and the number of articles until blogging 100 articles
· Tips for reaching blog 100 articles
· When doing office workers When are you writing a blog?
· Why are you doing a blog while it is an employee?
· Benefits · Disadvantages of doing blog as employee
· What are the future prospects after achieving 100 articles?

Trends in the number of PVs and the number of articles up to blogging 100 articles

I tried to graph the number of PVs up to 100 articles and the number of articles again.

When I look back on it again, I used to write no article at all in the past. Especially motivated too much from September to December in 2017 ... haha

In April, the number of PV is faintly falling. We changed the domain (URL), and at that time the handover of the new domain from the old domain did not go well,A major incident that access will be 0 oncehad.

I felt a feeling of loss as if I had lost my child at that time ... (I have never had a child) It was really painful.

Tips for reaching blog 100 articles

There are two tips on continuation that I could write until the achievement of 100 articles.

① Do not ask blog for perfection
② Write what you want to write

In my old days I slowly and carefully wrote a blog and did not make it public until I thought it was perfect, I spent around 5 hours finishing one article

... but I noticed it on the way.

Even if you carefully write it, that article can not be seen by anyone! ! !

It is sad, but it is such a thing. Since senior blogger told me that "now is quantity rather than quality"Consciousness to write entirely without seeking perfectionDid.

Also,I dropped the hurdle of posting by administering the genre as a miscellaneous blog without daring it

I was able to be conscious of SEO and specialize in something, because I knew that I could not update it fun because I was going to narrow my head.

In this area, it is recommended to read the book of Kanji Kan's blog administrator. If you are Amazon Kindle version you can read it at 0 yen, so please do.
▼ How to make a popular blog: Blog management technique that broke through monthly 450 thousand PV in 5 months eBook: Kanji: Kindle store

When are you doing office work and writing a blog?

Actually I work on full-time while doing blogging, so I write blogs outside of working hours.

· After work, especially after 21 o'clock (occasionally to export from 1 o'clock)
· In a train such as commuting

After reading this article of, I am cutting lunch time when the number of updates is insufficient.
▼ Achieve "1 million PV per month" since company work era! How was the blog media "" made? | Rikunabi NEXT Journal

I think that it is also important to decide "not doing" in order to make blog time.

· Do not go to drinking party in vain
· I do not watch TV
· I will not cook myself.

Etc ... etc ... Because 24 hours a day is limited, I do not cook self-catering which takes time. All nutrition is taken from Origin lunch.

Why are you doing a blog though it is an employee?

Because I am working for a web market company, it is often thought that I am doing blog as part of the company's business,Blog is a perfect hobbyis.

Why are we doing this and doing blogs"I like blogs."

It is really all this w
I feel that blogs are a hobby and I write a lot of blogs so that people with hobby interests watch a lot of animation.

However, because it is not de M so that no one will see it,It is continued because various people can see it.

It is the driving force that people who read by sending me act, and they buy what I recommend.

It makes me so happy and I can work harder if I receive reactions like this! I'm waiting more and more! Lol

Reactions available at SNS etc.

And it is slight, but there is profit also why you keep on blogging. Favorite things · If the hobby leads to profits, it is the best!

Merits and disadvantages of doing blogs as office workers

Benefits of blogging as a company employee

In conclusion,Blogging as an office worker has merit onlyI think! Even as a social skill, it is full of merits from the viewpoint of individual branding and income. (It is my opinion to the last!)

· Writing skills
· You can think of the composition of the presentation
· Leverage to your core business
· Can communicate with non-company communities
· I have a little income as a side job
· A local friend who has not met at all sees a blog

Writing 100 articles on blogs also comes with nature, writing power and composition of sentences. In terms of telling people something, the presentation is the same.

Also, since my main business is sales of a web market company, I can make use of it in my main business. People who can talk based on real experiences when talking with customers are strong.

Also, communication with people other than the company will tend to fade away when becoming a social worker. I am in the community with the people who have the same blog called hobby, but it is interesting and I am stimulated constantly.

Disadvantage of doing blog as company employee

There is really no disadvantage, but if you give it strongly, "I can not write articles occasionally, it's tough".

Since it is the priority of main business → side work → blog,As busy things continue, it will be hard for me to write my blog w It is no longer a demerit ...

Oh, but maybe perhaps, everyone thinksFatigue versus effect is badyou know. I think that it can not be continued if I do not like earnings because I take less time because I do not have much time.

100 articles achieved! What is the future perspective?

Even if we mention 100 articles, this can be done by anyone if we continue.

I am till I become "a blogger accustomed to writing"From here we will be "bloggers seeking quality and profitability".

It is like this when we make it concrete a little more.

· Submit "Your likeness of blogging"
· Increase the influx of SNS & Direct
· Manage blogs while considering profit

Buzz aimed at aimed articles and increase the fans of more holiday owners themselves. In addition to the number of articles since October, I would like to measure KPI on earnings and measure the improvement!

I spend a lot of time on my blog, so I'd like to earn money as much as I can.

I would be happy if you could give us your opinion on our blog! I look forward to working with you.

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