About February blog

"Wagyoburoku" is a personal blog that writes "something to be reworked" to everyday life, such as cafes, travels and gadgets.

In August 2017, a manager of me (Pirogi) launched. I actually talked about where I traveled, the cafes I've been, and the gadgets I used.

I love the web that makes my life happy.
Also in this blog, I want to convey what I experienced / recommended through the web! I thought, I am writing.

Because I am also contributing on another media,
Please contact us if you are interested.

About Flirt

It is a pilgrimage of an IT company OL. My core business is working as bizdev for Saas tools.
I like blogging and Youtube, and while I have an indoor side, I also have a super active side that I have to go somewhere on the weekends.

▼What I like
·blog! blog! blog!
・Fashionable work cafe (self working at)
・Idol... Recently, Twice. I have always liked Hello Pro, 48 series, BIGBANG
・Tuna...No.1 favorite food
・Photo...I use Olympus OM-D EM5.

▼ Previous career

・1993 Bomb was born in Kumamoto City, Kumamoto Prefecture.
・When I was in junior high school, at my friend's house, when I first saw a video of Hello Pro on Youtube, I was touched that there was such an interesting service in the world.
・Get high school students to buy an iPhone. If you have free time, you can download the application and get confiscated too much by Instagram so that your parents can confiscate your mobile phone. I made a site with my friends on Mobasp and peps and started blogging (so-called diary) from around this time.
・Enrolled in Kagoshima University. Although he enters the faculty of chemistry, he is not interested at all and spends a dark first or second year.
・Under the third year of university, I learned that an app/Web service would be a job after doing an internship for a 6-month project at a university venture that created a voice SNS app.
・After that, I took a leave of absence for one year and went to Cebu Island and Silicon Valley. The language school in Cebu got tired of it for a month and volunteered as a guide in a tourist area.
・Go to Silicon Valley without deciding on a home, do a share house with a local college student, do an internship at a startup of the sharing economy business, etc.
・After returning to Japan, she became an intern at the fourth year of university, such as Mercari. Media specialized in Kagoshima University KADAI INFO We started up with classmates and grew to 200,000 PV per month.
・ Employed at a web marketing company in Tokyo. While working as a sales, customer success, and bizdev for Saas tool vendors, I am writing a blog as a hobby.
hintos I was also a writer for the Credit Saison media!

Nice to meet you!