About February blog

"Wagyoburoku" is a personal blog that writes "something to be reworked" to everyday life, such as cafes, travels and gadgets.

In August 2017, a manager of me (Pirogi) launched. I actually talked about where I traveled, the cafes I've been, and the gadgets I used.

I love the web that makes my life happy.
Also in this blog, I want to convey what I experienced / recommended through the web! I thought, I am writing.

Because I am also contributing on another media,
Please contact us if you are interested.

About Flirt

It is the second year of IT company / society person. The core business works well as a sales of Saas tool.
While I like blogs and Youtube, there is also an aspect of indoors, but on weekends it is a constant person who also has a super active aspect unless you go out somewhere.

▼ things you like
·blog! blog! blog!
· Fashionable work cafe (working with myself)
· Travel ... I am traveling somewhere in the month 1.
· Idol ... Recently Twice. Hopelo · 48 series · BIGBANG I love you for a long time
· Tuna ... favorite food No.1
· Photograph ... I want a good camera soon.

▼ Previous career

· 1993 Bomb explosion in Kumamoto City, Kumamoto Prefecture.
· When I was a junior high school student, I watched a video of Hello Project on Youtube for the first time at my friend's house and I am impressed with the fact that there are such interesting services in the world.
· Have a high school student buy an iPhone. If you have time to spare, you can DL the application and be too bitter over the instagram anyway to forfeit your phone. I made a site with my friends on Mobapse and peps and was doing a blog (so-called diary) from this time.
· Admission to Kagoshima University. Despite entering the department of chemistry, I am not interested at all and spend my dark 1st to 2nd grade.
· Know the fact that applications / web services will be a work after doing 6 month internship internship at the university's third year annual vocabulary building voice SNS applications.
· After that, I was absent from school for 1 year, to Cebu and Silicon Valley. The language school in Cebu has got tired of being in a month and went on a guide volunteer at a sightseeing spot.
· Do not decide home, go to Silicon Valley, share house with local university student, do internship at sharing economy business startup, or anything else.
· After returning to the university 4th year interns at Mercari etc. Media specialized for Kagoshima University "KADAI INFOStarted with a classmate and grew to 200,000 PV a month.
· Worked in a web marketing company in Tokyo. While working as a sales director of Saas tool vendor, I am writing a blog with my hobby.
hintosWe are also doing writers at Credit Saison 's media.

Nice to meet you!

· Twitter ...@ pirori 3182
· Instagram ...@ Hiroko_cam