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[Report] I will quit my blog for half a year!

2019-01-26 22: 26

As the title, I will quit the blog that I've been trying very hard in 2018. Whether I will not update my blog ever since then, will I close this blog NO? To be precise, I will stop writing blogs for half a year until the end of June 2019! I decided.

Birthday dinner at Minami Aoyama CICADA. Atmosphere, cooking, and all customer service are perfect!

2019-01-14 02:36

The other day, it was his birthday that I had been dating for about four years, so I had a birthday dinner in a fashionable place where I would not normally go. I think there are many people who know this because it is a well-known store, but the "atmosphere", "cooking", and "service" were all too good, so I definitely want other men to use it for dates (laughs) I'll blog it.

Shirokanedai "Beef pot iron" has plenty of mood. It was a store I wanted to be invited to for an adult date.

2018-12-26 23: 59

Stores where I usually think "I want to go!" This time, I went to the Shirokanedai "beef hot pot iron" that I had always wanted to go to.・ The entrance is auto-locked and hides away. ・ All the seats are half-private so you can enjoy it without worrying about other customers. ・ The marbled Wagyu beef is delicious. I want to be invited to a date like this. Lol

[I want to go with a couple] 3 fashionable shops in Tokyo that can buy gifts for each other!

2018-12-21 23: 26

This weekend is Christmas! What are your plans? Last year, I went to the Red Brick Warehouse in Yokohama and decided that "I'll keep my Christmas quiet at home...". I don't want to go to places with lots of people, such as the illuminations, but I want to go buy some Christmas presents! I wonder if there are many people. (It seems that people are saying that shopping is crowded... lol) For those people, a shop that I actually went to, where you can find fashionable unisex items... Here are three carefully selected select shops in Tokyo where you can buy recommended gifts for each other! It's a shop that we can recommend with confidence to people in their late 20s to 30s.