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What good bloggers bought in 2018 【Gadget · Mono · Beauty】

2018-12-24 22: 03

The remaining seven days in 2018. It's time to write a blog about what you've bought in 2018! From the OL point of view, we will introduce what we think is "good to buy!" Into three categories: "gadgets", "things", and "beauty". I will explain not just how the specs are, but how they have changed their life by buying them. Finally, we will announce the best thing we bought in 2018, so please join us until the end!

I bought an OLYMPUS camera with paypay! Discount and breaking reviews!

2018-12-08 09: 30

finally! I bought a camera! I want to use it quickly, so I will do an open review! I will write why I chose EM-5 on another blog. Since I was able to purchase at the perfect timing of paypay 20% off, I will write a bit about how cheap it became.

Because I do not like the hair falling on the floor, I introduced a robotic vacuum cleaner "eufy" that can be bought at the 20,000 yen level!

2018-09-30 16: 10

I thought it would be a bit tedious to do quick le wipes every day, but purchased because the robot cleaner "eufy RovoVac 11" of super cospa super cospa is cheap at the Amazon Prime sale! I actually use it, and I'm going to review it as I thought it would be highly recommended for beginners of robot vacuum cleaners.

Best Buy candidate in 2018! I bought backpack of "Aer" from San Francisco.

2018-09-23 16: 53

"Backpack is not dirty?" In one word from my mother when I came back home, I noticed that the backpack I'm using is dirty for the first time. As returning Valentine 's Day in the first year of college, I used it for over 5 years if I noticed the red backpack of "IRONY" bought by my father. Because it is a present from my father, I did not notice that it was dirty because of its quirky characterity, and five years had passed since I did not realize it ... (Please introduce this dirty backpack for extra, so please by all means lol) The society people also have been in the second year and decided to buy a nice backpack.

I tried Amazon Echo Spot for one month. Introduce the functions you really use in order of frequency!

2018-09-16 17: 11

Hello! He is a lighter who is also doing outside writer. Recently I wrote an article on Amazon 's smart speaker "Echo Spot" with media named hintos. It's so different if it's with a screen! New Smart Speaker Experience Amazon Echo Spot - hintos I wrote a review here, put it in the room and actually used it for 1 month. For this time, I would like to review the "functions that I really use" in order of frequency, as it is actually used. It would be great if you could refer to those who are concerned about Echo Spot, those who are worried about purchasing.