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On the last day again Munich! A scenic viewpoint and a hideout cafe and recommended tapas.

2019-01-05 23: 04

After wondering where to go on the last day of Germany, I decided to go to Munich again. On the second day, I went to Munich once, but I hadn't visited the highlights so I played a lot without regrets!

"A romantic castle for me!" Neuschwanstein castle is interesting

2019-01-04 20:10

As you travel around Europe, you'll be impressed by the castles and beautiful streets, but in a few days you will get tired of the similar scenery. I will study in advance the history of the buildings that I visit so that it will not be “what is the same”, but this time I will introduce a castle with an unusual history.

3 cute souvenirs that you can buy at the German supermarket "Buying Pake"

2019-01-02 07: 24

It was almost the second half of the trip, so I decided to buy souvenirs soon. I buy cheap souvenirs, so I usually buy souvenirs from overseas travel at supermarkets. This time, I would like to introduce 3 kinds of “package souvenirs” that I found around 4 supermarkets in Germany!

Munich half-day-long. The enthusiasm for the authentic via hole was amazing!

2019-01-01 00:48

The second day I came to Germany, I decided to leave Munich city from Ingolstadt. Ingolstadt wrote a blog called a wonderful town that is not on the guide book, but Munich had a great city's goodness in Munich. Since I went around various places in Munich in half a day, I would like to look back on the course I went.

I am coming to the German town "Ingolstadt" not listed in the guidebook

2018-12-31 09: 49

"It's not in the guidebook but it's really good." I spend the year-end and New Year holidays in Germany because my high school friends live in Germany. My friend's house is located in a small town called Ingolstadt, which is not mentioned in the guidebook, but I write it on my blog as a memorandum because it is very easy to spend here.